Minky Blanket Sewing Tutorial

Blankets are my go to gift whenever I have a friend who is having a baby. I love finding fabrics and prints that matches the mom's personality, and I love giving handmade gifts. I just think they're so much more personal... and I'm sure the mom doesn't need anymore 0-3 month clothes either. 

I made this blanket this weekend for a friend of mine who is sadly moving away shortly after I have my baby. She isn't due until winter, but knowing my baby could come any day, and I know I won't be up to sewing for a while after, and she's moving, I thought I better get on it while I still have the chance. 

This was actually the second one of these blankets that I've made in the last month or so. Some of you probably saw the one that I made for our baby, but I messed up on a bunch of stitches on that one that I was too lazy to go back and fix. Knowing this one was going to someone else, I made sure to be a lot more detail orientated. It came out a lot better than the first one ;)

1 yard flannel fabric
1 yard minky fabirc
Coordinating thread

Start by placing fabric right sides together. Pin all the way around your fabric to hold it in place, and trim off any excess that you may have. My yard of minky fabric is typically always a lot longer than my flannel. 

On one of the sides make sure to make a mark with your pins, and a gap about 6 inches wide. This is going to be where you will turn the blanket right side out when you're done stitching the inside.

Straight stitch a 1 inch seam allowance a long the entire blanket. Back stitching at the very beginning and end, and at both ends of the opening where you will turn it inside out. You can get a better view of this here.

Using an iron on the "cotton" setting, press the edges together so they are nice and neat. 

Using a 5/8in seam allowance, choose a decorative stitch, and stitch your way all around the top of the blanket. Make sure that the hole from where you turned it inside out gets sealed. 

At this point, you can iron again. Then you're all done! These blankets are super soft and cozy... I might have to make a massive sized one for myself!


  1. Can't WAIT to wrap baby B in this adorable BLANKET! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! And thanks for posting your step by step of the making process. I LOVE it... and I was wondering about making it! :) LOVE YOU FRIEND!

  2. This blanket is so adorable and looks SO SOFT! You should definitely make one for yourself!

  3. Such a good idea! I'll have to try this one day.

  4. You did such a great job with that blanket! I love it!


  5. Thanks for posting this!! I've heard that minky is really stubborn to sew. Is that true?