Second Birthday Party Inspiration

Last year for Jay's birthday we were going to do a whole elaborate "Under the Sea" themed first birthday for him. At the last minute we decided to drive to NY (pretty sure we thought about this two days ahead of time, and then did it), and we let the grandparents do all the work of throwing the party instead. 

This year we're staying home, and with the addition of baby sister coming, and all the uncertainty of that, I feel like it's my maternal duty to spoil the pants off of Jay for his birthday to make up for the loads of babysitters I'm sure he'll be seeing in his near future. 

I saw an idea on pinterest for a breakfast themed birthday party and thought it was awesome! So that's what we'll be doing this year. Jay is a lover of all things breakfast so I thought it would be fun to invite all his friends (and newly found NC cousins), for a morning play date/breakfast. Here are some of the ideas that I'm loving!

DIY Cereal Valentines_Giggles Galore


  1. I love the idea of a breakfast theme! Love that first idea.


  2. Love the breakfast-themed party idea ... so cute!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.