Jay's Birthday Recap

Yesterday was so much fun spending the whole day just spoiling my little guy. He managed to get all his favorite snacks out of mom, including a free cookie from the grocery store. He has more toys than he knows what to do with. And he will be well dressed thanks to Old Navy for the next year. (PS getting an Old Navy Visa Card was the best thing I've ever done... I use it for gas, groceries, and medical bills, and then get points for free clothes. I got Jay $100 in clothes and only paid $5!)

I was excited to see what toy Jay would be most excited about since he was given blocks, a Tonka truck, Hot Wheels cars, and a train set. These are all things that he is super obsessed with right now, but he has totally taken to the train set! He cried when we wanted him to eat cake last night, so he blew his candles out while playing with the train. After we ate cake he cried when we wanted him to take a bath, but after bath time he headed straight to the train again. And of course this morning, first toy played with... you guessed it, the train!


  1. It looks like he had such a great birthday!!! :)


  2. Trains are the best, he'll love them so much!