Em at 1 Month!

Technically Em has been a month for a week and a day now... but I'll give you the update of where we're at. Last week we went back to Duke for her 1 month evaluation and Em passed everything with flying colors. The physical therapist was showing me a bunch of exercises to be working on at home with her, in hopes that she would do these things eventually, and Em was doing them all right then and there on the spot! 

The neonatalogist showed me the MRI from when she was born compared to the one from when I was pregnant, and the two MRIs were night and day. While she still doesn't have two complete hemispheres to her brain, and she doesn't have her corpus callosum, her brain actually looks a lot healthier. Without trying to sound smarter than I am... I'll try my best to explain. So a normal human brain has a lot of wrinkles and folds right? Well to a certain degree, that's kind of a measure of your intelligence, or your capability to be intelligent. When I was pregnant, Em's brain had pretty much no wrinkles and folds. Her brain was pretty much smooth for the most part. The MRI from when she was born showed that her brain had all the same amount of wrinkles and folds that every other newborn baby is supposed to have. Amazing right? The doctors are attributing that to why she is doing so well. They keep telling us we have the best case scenario, and if they didn't have those MRI's they would never have thought anything was wrong with her. We've seriously been super blessed. There is still a good chance that she could have some physical and developmental delays, but right now, she's right on track. 

Now onto the fun facts about Em at 1 Month:
  • 9lbs 7.8oz 21 3/4 inches tall
  • She screams her brains out every night from roughly 7pm-10pm
  • She is however, sleeping through the night as of 2 days ago
  • She is either ravenously hungry, or wants nothing to do with food
  • She takes one nap during the day from 12-4, like Jay
  • She smiles, and they melt my heart
  • She doesn't fit into newborn clothes
  • Jay, Derek, and myself, are all obsessed with her!
Fun fact: Jay slept through the night at exactly 1 month and 2 days of age, and Em did at 1 month and 7 days of age. So... Derek and I are going to have to pay big time for this luck later down the road, I'm almost positive. 


  1. Such a beautiful picture of your Sweet Girl!

    What a miracle and huge blessing to have a girl who is suppose to be sick, defying the odds! Thank the Lord! Reading this brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for your family and your Sweet Girl!

    And whew! There is nothing sweeter to an exhausted Mommy's ears than a sweet baby sounds asleep for hours at a time!

  2. I'm so glad that things are going so well!!! That is so amazing to hear. She is the cutest!