Derek Turns 26

Yesterday was Derek's birthday! It's strange to think he's that old (read: I know 26 is not old), but mainly it's strange to think that we met when he was 21, and now 4 1/2 years have flown by. We spent the night celebrating when he got home from work with his favorite dinner: Ham, green beans, and funeral potatoes. I made a delicious cake, we opened presents, and then sent the kids off to bed while we enjoyed Facetiming with family and watching Harry Potter. Side note- has anyone else noticed that ABC family is basically the Harry Potter channel?

This year for Derek's birthday he got a new hair trimmer since the one from his mission was on it's way out. I also got him some Jello Jigglers molds since he's been asking for them almost monthly since we've been married. He was also gifted some awesome emergency preparedness things from his parents, and the new X-men movie! Speaking of emergency prepardness... We also bought three of these 30-day supply buckets from Sam's Club yesterday and I'm pretty excited for them to get here.

^ this is what happens when you go to take a picture of the cake and your two year old gives a swift 360 to the cake stand... I almost had a heart attack!

Happy birthday Derek, I love you xoxo.

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  1. Happy birthday Derek!! Haha, I am 36 so you probably think I am way old. Your blog is one of my favorites. I hope to see updates and pictures of your babies. I also should add that I love North Carolina. Like obsessed with it. I have never been there but I have seen beautiful pictures and movies filmed throughout. I hope you can show some great pictures of the state from time to time. :-)