Phillips Farm Cary, NC

Oh hey blogging world! I feel like it's been so long since I've written anything... mainly because I haven't. I wrote a bunch of posts a few weeks ago and then scheduled them out to last a while, and haven't really done anything since. The truth is, I've sat down about 10 different times to try and write a post and then wound up never posting anything. I've wanted to say how we've all been a little tired. How we were on this energy high for about 6 weeks after bringing home Em, because there's nothing better or more exciting then bringing a baby home from the hospital that you didn't think was going to come home. And then reality and a bad case of colic sunk in, and we've pretty much been tired zombies for the last couple weeks. That, and Derek brought home a cold that had the two of us sleeping on the couch for a few days so we wouldn't get Em sick. 

This weekend however, I decided that we (I), needed to step out of the being too sick, too tired, too overwhelmed to do anything kick that I was on and forced us all out of the house to the pumpkin patch! Luckily it was only a mile from our house or else I don't think we would have gone. It's seriously so hard for me to get two little ones out the door. Maybe I make it harder than it has to be but for that reason we haven't done anything exciting in a long time.

The pumpkin patch was a well needed outing. Jay loved sitting on the big tractors and machines that they had. There was a huge slide that he got to go down, a train ride through the corn maze, footballs to throw, goats to pet... Oh the Goats! That might have been Jay's favorite part. I was afraid he was going to cry when he saw them, but he put his hand out and they would lick his fingers, and then he would laugh so hard! He thought it was the greatest ever! We surprisingly never picked pumpkins... cause who does that at a pumpkin patch?

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  1. I love Fall Time and how going to a Pumpkin Patch can help you forget all the tiredness that is involved with newborns!