Best Christmas Card Deals

Can you believe it's already time to be talking about Christmas Cards? Every year I always say that I'm going to do a family Christmas card and then never actually do it. Except this year. I finally pulled the plug and did it, and I LOVE how they turned out. If you're going to do Christmas cards it's always best to get them done early because that's when you're going to get the best deal. If you wait until it gets closer to Christmas, all the companies know you're in a bind, and the good deals and promo codes are going to be hard to come by! I ordered 10 of this design from Tiny Prints, and am absolutely thrilled with how they turned out! Below are some great promo codes that you can use to score some great cards this year! 

TinyPrints: 30% off + Free Shipping on Holiday Cards and Gifts with code: PB68AF92BC exp. 1/15

Shutterfly: 10 FREE 6x8 or 5x7 cards for new customers only with code: JINGLE10 expires 11/26

Minted: 20% off + Free Shipping on all holiday cards with code: MINTEDFANDF14 exp 11/17

Snapfish: 35% off + Free Shipping with code: SHOPSNAPFISH  exp 11/17, 60% off cards with code: SHIMMER exp 11/17


  1. I've actually found that the longer you wait, the more the prices go down - the year Ani was born (Dec 7), we got ours 70% off and free postage because it was only about a week until Christmas when we ordered them. I think the companies get more anxious to make sure you still buy them even though Christmas is almost there.

  2. So beautiful idea!!! Congratulations dear!!! Kisses,