Flammily Pictures

Pretty much since Em was born it's been in the back of my mind that we need to get family pictures taken. I was originally going to just hire someone to do it for once since I didn't know how well the tripod/self timer thing was going to work with a newborn. But then I realized that paying someone to take our pictures would have been like two entire months of student loan payments that I could have paid, so I decided to just take them myself. Luckily Missy had just about the best tripod ever for me to borrow! Seriously, I've never used such an awesome tripod before.

While driving around a few weeks ago I found this perfect spot a mile or two from our house with the most perfect fall colors, photo worthy train tracks, and even a few rustic buildings and hay bales. I swear someone built it, and antiqued it just for random people to take family pictures at! Side note- there actually was another family taking pictures there while we were there. 

Anyways, these pictures aren't the greatest ever, but they'll certainly do! I love this sweet little family of mine.  Also, while editing these I thought about how great it would be if one day we had enough kids to fill a picture going all the way across these railroad tracks and then I remembered that I'm never getting pregnant again (kidding, kind of), and I haven't fully convinced Derek that adopting a group of siblings from Africa is the best idea ever yet (but I think he's warming up to it?)... so I think that dream is on the back burner for a few years. 

Derek's Outfit: Old Navy Shirt, American Eagle Jeans, Payless Shoes (Similar)
Jay's Outfit: Kohl's Shirt, Old Navy Jeans, H&M Sweater (Similar), Carter's Shoes (Similar)
Em's Outfit: Target Sweatshirt, Onesie, and Leggings (Similar), Target Socks, Target Headband


  1. So cute!!
    We need to get some family photos taken too, now that our babe has arrived.

  2. Super cute pictures! Just in time for those Holiday cards to send out! I use a tripod for my families pictures too. Saves so much money!