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You. Guys. We all know I love a good deal. It's no secret to anyone. So when I found out about and how I could get $80 worth of designer clothes for free, I was all on board. I told everyone that I'm friends with on Facebook about it, but waited to share on the blog until I knew it was 100% legit. I got my order in the mail last night, and I'm obsessed. I may not shop anywhere else ever again. Although, my next order I will actually have to shell out some cash...

So what is It's basically an online consignment sale for designer brands. So the clothes are used, but when I got my package last night I was amazed! My clothes looked absolutely brand new! They are in such great condition. I loved everything that came, except they did accidentally send me a skirt in a size 12 instead of 2 but my sister-in-law who is serving a mission in Washington State is going to be getting it for Christmas now, so it was a win-win. 

I never understood the appeal of designer clothes until last night when these came in the mail. They are such a higher quality than what I'm used to getting at Target or Forever 21. I can already tell this J Crew shirt, and these Joe's Jeans are going to last for a long time. Oh man, these jeans! It's been over two years since I've owned a pair of jeans that aren't skinny jeans, and with the addition of these to my wardrobe, I might not ever put those suffocating things on again... except for when I wear boots.

So how can you get $80 worth of gently used designer clothes for free?
1. Click this link and create an account to receive a $10 credit.
2. Download the Twice app on up to 3 different devices (there may be some quirks on android devices. I used 3 apple devices) for a $10 credit per app downloaded. (It will credit you with the $10 each time when you sign in to the app with the same account).
At this point you now have $40 credit on your account.
3. Pick out up to $80 worth of clothes.
4. Click this link (this part expires 12 hours after you click it, so don't click it until you are ready!) and get 50% off coupon code.
5. Complete your order and have $80 worth of clothes sent to you. For Free!

Shirt: J Crew via Like Twice c/o (Similar)| Jeans: Joe's Jeans via Like Twice c/o| Shoes: Old Navy| Necklace: Kohl's| Tank Top: Forever 21

This post is not sponsored by J. Crew, Joe's Jeans, or Like Twice. however this post does contain affiliate links in which I might make a couple pennies on links that you click within this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks! I just ordered two skirts and two shirts for less than $10. I figure even if only 1/4 fits, it's still a good deal!