Red Shift Dress| Take Three

I knew that when I bought this dress at Target a few months ago I would get a lot of use out of it. What I didn't know was that it was one of those dresses that are knee length when you're standing in the dressing room, but when you take it home and run it through the dryer a few times (I really need to start reading the washing instructions on my clothes), it would turn into one of those dresses that I'm constantly pulling at to keep at the proper length, and sitting down just pretty much wasn't an option anymore. So I did what any goo thrifty American would do and wore it as a shirt. This was pretty easy to do since it was pretty form fitting. I just put the dress on, pulled it up a little and then folded about half of it underneath itself and voila! An awesome shirt that I will wear all winter. With these boots that I just got a JustFab for free! Holla! They were doing a deal where VIP members got 1 free pair of shoes and just pay shipping. So technically these boots were $5, but still. 

Dress: Target| Pants: Ross| Boots: JustFab

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