Gift Guide for The Entire Family

Every year I have a hard time telling people what I want for Christmas. Mainly because I just have no idea. This year, I have a little bit better of an idea when it comes to things I would like, but it's also been a challenge to come up with things for the kids and husband as well. Hopefully some of these ideas will be able to spark something for you to pick up for one of your loved ones this Christmas! Obviously these are just suggestions to get your brain buzzing with ideas, and definitely don't think that I've gone out and got my family everything on this list... we're all rocking one Christmas gift this year... unless your Derek, then you got a bunch... but he did just finish his undergrad in 3 1/4 years. 


1. Conair Infinit Pro Curl Secret: I've seen a ton of Youtube vloggers rave about how much they love this curling iron. I actually bought it on Black Friday, and tried it out, (seen here), but on the highest heat and time setting  it only waved my hair instead of curling it, so I sent it back. But I'm mostly convinced that it's because my hair is naturally super fine, smooth, and straight, which means it will just never hold a curl. If you have normal textured hair, I'm sure it would work amazingly! Just search it on Youtube and you'll be amazed.

2, 3, 11, 14: A man's gotta dress himself, and that's that.

4. White Chucks: I've been wanting a pair of these for a couple years... maybe one day.

5. Urban Decay Naked Pallet: Every beauty blogger in the world has raved about this eye shadow, and Christmas is probably the only time of year anyone can really justify actually buying it!

6. A Backpack: We got Jay an adorable shark printed back pack from LL Bean this year with his name monogrammed on it! There are a lot of great options for little kids!

7. A Slide: If you're going to splurge and get your toddler a big gift this year, a slide should be at the top of the list! If we weren't moving at some point in the near future we would totally be getting this.   

8. Board Games: I used to not really be that into games, but Derek and I have become obsessed with Settlers of Catan, and love Ticket to Ride as well!

9 & 10: If you have a small baby on your shopping list this season, I highly recommend the Infantino Play Gym (we bought it for Em this Christmas)... a walker toy would be a great idea too!

12. Art Easel: Once again, if we weren't moving soon, this would have been another great gift for Jay this year... we might have a second Christmas post move... don't judge. 

13. A New Purse: What wife couldn't use a new purse? I'm loving this simple black tote from Charming Charlie. 

15. Kiddie Games: I have a friend who said she was getting her two year old fun games for Christmas. It didn't even strike my mind that Jay would be old enough to start playing games yet! Such a great idea! Hungry Hungry Hippos, Don't Break the Ice, or Elefun are all great ideas!

16. A Herringbone Vest: If there is a piece of clothing that gets the most trendy award for fall of 2014 it's probably going to be this vest. And don't judge, but this is totally what I got myself for Christmas because I L.O.V.E it. 

What are you getting your family this Christmas?


  1. A great vest is always a good gift! I have a Stila palette that looks so much like the Naked one but for a fraction of the price!

  2. I've had my eye on that vest. I love it!


  3. I tried to order that vest when it was half off on Black Friday, but they were sold out in my size! Now I'm waiting for another sale. Did you get small or extra small? I wear both at J.Crew and never know how things will fit till I get them!

  4. Love this gift guide! Haven't seen a "family" one and I love your picks!

    x Kat

  5. Great list! My daughter would go crazy (in a good way) if we got that slide for her!

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  6. I love Ticket to Ride too, I have the app and literally play it every day on the way to work.

    Kristina does the Internets

  7. Super fab gift guide. Thanks for sharing!

    Made in Mauve

  8. Great gift guide, thanks for sharing!

  9. I feel you with the super fine hair. The only time my hair held curl was when I had it done professionally for my wedding... She swears she did nothing special... She lies!! My hubby and I played Ticket to Ride at a friend's house and we loved it. Too bad it's $40... I'm sorry focused on paying debt off that I'm a cheapo!!

  10. Great gift guide!


  11. Good choice on the herringbone puffer vest. You'll look stylist and warm while wearing it.