Em at 4 Months

Em turned 4 months old last week. When we were pregnant we were pretty much told to expect three months at the most, and that time would be well spent in the hospital. The fact that she's now been home, healthy and happy for 4 months is truly this biggest Christmas miracle we could ever ask for. Ultimately we don't know how long Em will live... ultimately we don't know how long any of us will live. One major thing we've come to embrace is that each day is a gift, and to cherish it. Each day I've made it a point to make sure that I don't have any regrets of the things we did or did not do. I've learned to not let the little things bother me. When Jay makes a huge mess I just have him help me clean it up and give him a hug and a kiss instead of yelling at him. We've all learned that there are definitely things that matter, and things that don't. At this point, a large stain of strawberry banana v-fusion juice on the carpet, does not matter.

Em saw the neonatalogist and physical therapist at the Special Infant Care Clinic at Duke Hospital this month. They both said that she was doing great! The neonatogist keeps telling us that if we never had the ultrasounds/MRIs while I was pregnant, we would still never know that there is anything wrong with her. As you can imagine, this doctor is my favorite ;) Em's head is going flat a little bit on one side... completely unrelated to her SL-HPE... just because she sleeps on her back. The therapist said it was so unnoticeable though that it should round out and be fine. She gave us more exercises to work with Em on and sent us on our way.

Looking forward, Em will meet with the physical therapist one more time at 7 months. She will give us more exercises to work on, in hopes of getting her walking by her birthday. At 12 months, we go back to the hospital for a 2 1/2 hour comprehensive test on her gross and fine motor skills. If she passes, she will be permanently discharged from the Special Infant Care Clinic, and won't need anymore extra doctor visits ever, unless something else comes up obviously. The dr said that in most cases the babies don't pass on the first try, but that by 22 months when they retest, they do. We're just so grateful to see the light at the end of the doctor tunnel!

Things to know about Em at 4 months:
  • She weighs 14lbs 1oz and is 25 1/2 inches tall
  • She wears 3-6, and 6 month sized clothes
  • I've been lying and saying that she sleeps through the night... the truth is that she wakes up once, eats, and goes back to sleep super easily every night... except last night she woke up twice... I can't remember the last time I slept through the night.
  • We let her try peas the other day and she was pretty confused
  • She rolled over 4+ times one day a few weeks ago, and hasn't done it since
  • She's pretty much a tummy time champ
  • She just started sitting in a Bumbo and loves it for short periods of time
  • Her name is officially embroidered on a Christmas stocking, making her a permanent part of the Flammily.


  1. That is such great news that she is doing so well!!! and she is so cute!


  2. Kinsley is absolutely beautiful and such a strong little child. :) Happy Holidays!


  3. She is so sweet!
    You are so right, there are things that matter - and things that don't.
    She most definitely does! Beautiful!

  4. ♡, so glad to read all of this, BUT even better to finally meet her in person! It was nice to catch up with you Paige. Keep hugging and loving those kiddos :)