My Favorite Place to Buy Church Clothes

I know a lot of you have probably had some raised eyebrows lately at how much "fancier" my clothes have gotten. The truth is, I mainly only get dressed for church each week... so if I'm going to buy clothes, they better be something that I can wear to church, since that's where they're going to be worn most. But then you wear your churchish clothes in real life, and you look like you're trying just a little bit more than ususal... which is sometimes a good thing right? Right. I've recently come across a store online that has me feeling, "where has this been all my life?!" It's been hard to find good skirts since leaving Utah that cover everything just the way I want, that don't cost an arm and a leg. So when I came across Sheinside a few weeks ago, they instantly became my new favorite store! And score, these are all under $20 Holla!


I was given store credit to Sheinside for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are truly my own. 


  1. Now I know where to spend my Christmas money.
    Thanks :)

  2. I love Sheinside and your right they are a great budget friendly place to buy great modest clothing! Beautiful post!

  3. I love Sheinside! So affordable and such gorgeous clothes!


  4. Hello Paige :)

    I just randomly came across your blog, as I just created mine a week ago and Im starting to explore others for inspiration :) I too tend to purchase the majority of my dressier outfits for something that can be worn to church, and it actually amazes me how many people don't get dressed up for church! Love the color choices you pictured above. Ill definitely check your site out again :)