Striped Lace Jacket

Ann Taylor Structured Lace Jacket: Like Twice c/o (Similar)| Jeans: Ross| Studded Ankle Boots: Target (Similar)| Tank Top: Forever 21

Just popping in real quick today to show you one of the other gorgeous freebies I was able to snag from one of my new favorite stores, Twice. Have you tried them out yet? They're basically an online consignment store for designer brands. I've become completely obsessed with them over the last few weeks. Everything that I've gotten from them is in such great condition. If I didn't know they were used, I would have thought everything I got was brand new! If you want to score $80 in free clothes too... follow the instructions below. 

1. Click this link and create an account to receive a $10 credit.
2. Download the Twice app on up to 3 different devices (there may be some quirks on android devices. I used 3 apple devices) for a $10 credit per app downloaded. (It will credit you with the $10 each time when you sign in to the app with the same account).
At this point you now have $40 credit on your account.
3. Pick out up to $80 worth of clothes.
4. Click this link (this part expires 12 hours after you click it, so don't click it until you are ready!) and get 50% off coupon code.
5. Complete your order and have $80 worth of clothes sent to you. For Free!


  1. What a great outfit! That blazer is so cool. Really simple, but the lace adds great detail. Super boots too!

  2. what a pretty little blazer :)

  3. I absolutely love this jacket!!! and dying over your ankle boots!


  4. Love the lace jacket! I just signed up and got the $80 free! So excited and can't wait to get my clothes in the mail!

  5. Love the outfit! Jeans look great on you! :)