Anchors + Plaid

I love anchors, and I love a good plaid shirt... put them together though, and I pretty much couldn't be happier. On a funny note, I usually take Derek's fashion judgement pretty seriously... except when it comes to this sweater. When I asked him if he liked it, he said "No, there's a big A anchor on it...", and my thoughts were, yeah, that's the point, it's awesome. So we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

In other news, I wore this the same day I brought Em to the doctor for her 4 month check up and the doctor said, "Well you're looking preppy today!" It was slightly awkward... but then he said I looked better than most moms who show up in sweatpants and not  showered. I kindly informed him that he got me on a good day... but I'm usually right there with the rest of you not showered and sweat pant wearing mothers!

Shirt: Amazon
Sweater: c/o Sheinside
Jeans: c/o Lee
Purse: c/o Oasap
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Nordstrom

And because  it's freezing in North Carolina, and because all I want to do is wear warm sweaters and never leave my house again, here are some great picks to keep you warm! Spoiler alert: They're all under 30 right now! Huzzah!



  1. Thank you for this post: I've ordered that sweater right away, love it! (Site ships to the Netherlands, whooo) I think you've combined it perfectly :)

  2. LOVE this outfit! The layers are perfect together.


  3. Ha, I think my fiance would say the same thing about that sweater, but I think it's adorable!

    Kristina does the Internets

  4. I love anything with anchors! It looks super cute on you! :)

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  6. So adorable. Anchors are my favorite!