Blue Apron Meal| Thai Shrimp Soup

A couple weeks ago I read about Blue Apron online and decided to give it a try. They are a meal delivery service that delivers fresh wholesome ingredients for a weeks worth of dinners right to your house. As a mother of a new baby who doesn't get to leave the house very often, this was super enticing for me. We had our first Blue Apron dinner Saturday night, and it did not disappoint. I was a little nervous at first because they sent us ingredients to make three dinners that are definitely out of the norm for what we usually eat around here. But so far, so good. We had leftovers of this soup, and we actually ate them for lunch on Sunday. We pretty much never eat our leftovers, so that says something right there. 

With Blue Apron you have two different meal plans that you can choose from. We are on the 2 person, 3 meals/wk plan for $59/wk. This works out really well for us because we really don't eat much for dinner, and even after serving Jay a portion, we still have leftovers, so this works well for us. They also have a 4 person, 4 meal/wk plan for $135/wk. The three meals that got delivered to us for this week were: Thai Shrimp Soup, Pulled Chicken Tacos, and Beef Bolognese.

Since this is pretty much what we already spend on groceries for dinner each week, I think we will probably actually stick with ordering from Blue Apron for a few months. It seriously simplifies my life so much, and I even calculated what it would cost me to make these same meals at the grocery store and I'm definitely saving money, and since they only send you the exact amount of ingredients that you need, there is no waste! Which is something we're really working on... we always waste so many ingredients since it's just the three of us eating and you can purchase in small, exact quantities from the grocery store! 

If you would like to learn more about Blue Apron, or sign up for your first week of meals, you can click here to learn more. Once you've made a few orders from them they give you free meals to share with friends! I'm excited to be able to give free meals to people for them to try it too!

You can go to Blue Apron's site to see the recipe for Thai Shrimp Soup!


  1. This sounds like a great service!! No grocery shopping and having a meal plan made for you is amazing :)


  2. I keep seeing so many great things about Blue Apron and this soup looks so good!

  3. Great service idea and the soup looks delicious.

  4. Wow this sounds delicious! I'm definitely interested in Blue Apron, too!

    - Sarah :)