Five Things Friday

I'm back with Five Things Friday, and am hoping to make it a more regular part of the blog this year. In fact, I'm trying to have more structure on the blog every Monday-Friday, so on Friday's you can expect 5 things that really made my week great. I'll be back tomorrow with the official weekly/monthly schedule of what you can expect to see over here on The Happy Flammily for the next year! But for now, this weeks five things...

1. I loved being home from NY to make sure Jay was eating more than bacon and eggs everyday... What else can you expect from his diet though during a boys weekend? (Sweatshirt via Tiny Tot Threads)

 2. Watching Em starting to reach and grab for toys has been pretty much the greatest thing ever. It's been so amazing to watch her reach each little milestone.

3. I needed to pick up a plain t-shirt at Kohl's this week for an upcoming blog project and noticed that the entire Christmas department was 75% off. I snagged this ornament to commemorate our time in NC. When I got to the register the lady scanned this $10 off coupon making this ornament, and my shirt a little over $1. I felt awesome to say the least.

4. After not having hot chocolate all fall and winter, I finally made the perfect homemade recipe (coming to the blog Monday), and I've been happily drinking it daily ever since. 

5. There is just something about fox PJs that I absolutely love. When my mom bought these for Jay for Christmas I just about died. I don't think Jay has ever looked cuter in his entire life. (Pajamas via Macy's

How was your week? Be sure to check back tomorrow for my new blogging schedule!

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  1. I have two littles too and I am drinking hot chocolate right now. I think I am meant to follow your blog (I just found it). :)