Fort Building with Pop Secret

I'm one of those parents that gets slightly giddy when someone tells me that they think Jay is really smart. It's pretty much my dream to have smart kids, (not in the over bearing you will go to Harvard or die kind of way...), but intelligence will get you so far in life, so when people tell me they think Jay is really smart, it just makes my day.

A few weeks ago at church we sat in front of a lady who afterwards told us that she has a masters in childhood education, and that she had been watching Jay for the entire hour, and that she couldn't belive how attentive and focused Jay was on a toy he had been playing with the entire time. She said that by the way he was working out the pieces, and concentrating on them, that he could totally be an engineer or an architect someday.

I tried really hard not to laugh when she said architect because right now, one of Jay's favorite past times is making blanket forts. Seriously, we make them on the daily over here. In fact, on Saturday when Em was sleeping I thought that we should have some one on one Jay and mommy time, so we popped some Pop-Secret popcorn, made a fort, and then watched a movie together. It's so fun to see the things that make Jay really excited! He was pretty much beside himself wiht his own little bowl of popcorn, and a fort.

It's funny to look at these pictures, and compare them to the last campaign I did with Pop Secret... now I have longer hair, and less belly, and the last time I was sharing my popcorn with Derek instead of Jay. Next time you head to the store to get some Pop Secret popcorn, don't forget to print this $1 off coupon. Because, you know, coupons are awesome. Also, Pop Secret wants to see your pillow forts! Head on over to their Facebook Page to submit a picture of your fort with the hashtag, #PopSecretForts, for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

^^Ps. This is wet, fresh out of the shower hair, not super greasy unwashed hair. 

Compensation for this post was provided by Pop Secret through it's advertiser, Linqia. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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