Friday's Four

This week. There are seriously so many good things to say about this week. I don't even know how to write this introductory paragraph to the post because any explination of anything will just give away all the details of what made it a great week right from the start. But now that I've wasted a few sentences  of writing about absolutely nothing, I can get onto the great happenings of this week. 

Derek had a job interview for a position with L-3 communications in Greenville, TX. He nailed the heck out of the interview, and the recruiter, and HR person pretty much told him he had the job without actually saying the words. He is about one college degree, and 3 years of logistics experience overqualified, but it's great to know that no matter what happens with his interview in Sanford, NC on Monday, or in Marietta, GA next Friday, there is a 99.9% chance that we'll have this job for our fall back option. 

Jay pooped, and peed in the potty this week for the first time. I realize those words are pretty harsh due to the mental image that I'm sure is now embedded in your brain... but I seriously couldn't be more proud of that little guy. Tuesday night when Jay got out of the tub I asked him if he wanted to use the potty and he said no. I told him how much I loved going to the potty and he warmed up to the idea. He then started peeing on the bath mat, and I picked him up and pretty much threw him on his small potty. He was startled at first, but sure enough he finished going number one, and when we started having the celebratory dance party, he stood up and we saw that he had left another gift in there as well! It's funny the things you rejoice and celebrate as a family when you have children. All four of us were literally cheering and dancing in the bathroom. It was awesome.

Em had been on this 3 week long hiatus against tummy time. I was starting to think "This is it, this is when she's going to start missing the milestones..." But then the last week or so, she's been killing it! She's been lifting her head during tummy time for over a minute at a time. She  rolled over once on Tuesday, three times Wednesday, and another three times yesterday. Her sitting isn't really coming along at the moment, but I think that's more of a matter of me remembering to sit her in her Bumbo, instead of carrying her everywhere. And, you know working on it with her on the floor. 

This week I survived 32 hours alone by myself with the kids while Derek was in Texas interviewing. The house didn't burn down, I showered twice, no one died, or starved (well, maybe me... I have to start remembering to eat before 5:30pm... you know... the time of day when I turn into an angry hyena.) But I'm calling it a win and therefore it gets to be remembered via this blog post. Also I really reflected this week about what I really want out of life (personally, spiritually, financially, etc...), and there is really nothing better than taking an honest look at your self, seeing the million and one ways in which you err, but then realizing the small steps you can take to change and become who you want to be. That being said, I'm selling my iphone for a flip phone, any takers?


  1. Hope you guys get to stay in NC. What a beautiful and friendly state.

  2. Such a cutie!

  3. we are in the tummy time stage and rolling over is next too!!! i am NOT looking forward to it. i want my baby to stay a baby!!

    Sandy a la Mode