Stripes + Cobalt

This jacket was pretty much the epitome of everything not to do while clothes shopping. Originally I loved it because I saw white and black stripes on the picture online, and that was pretty much done deal for me right there. But then when it actually got to my house, I noticed that it was actually off white, and black stripes. This meant that all the white shirts that I had planned on wearing with it no longer went well, because the bright white made the off white just look like dirty white. A terrible dilemma. Also all my shirts that are other colors have too busy of patterns on them so the stripes and other patterns would have been too much. I mean, I'm a fan of pattern mixing and all, but trust me when I say any shirt that I owned would have just been too much. 

So this jacket sat in my closet unworn for about 2 months until I finally got a plain colored shirt that I could dress up underneath it. I'm loving this cobalt top from Oasap. It's also one of the first clothing pieces that I've gotten in a while that Derek has said he likes too. I also got a pair of leather leggings, but that turned into one of those "what the heck was I thinking?!" scenarios. Those my friends, will not be making their way to the blog. But in case you were wondering what the moral of this story was, it is: Don't get one piece of clothing if you don't have something that you can already pair with it in your closet. 

Loft Blazer: c/o Twice
Shirt: c/o Oasap
Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Zale's (gifted)


  1. Love this look!

  2. Gorgeous, I love those shoes

    Adaora x

  3. Lol well I'm glad you kept it anyways, it's super cute and looks great how you style it~~ lovely look!

    Pink Wings