Emergency Preparedness: Fashion Edition

If you live in or around North Carolina then you know it's been pretty cold this week. Kids in our neighborhood are currently on their third snow day in a row. I should be fair and mention that there is only about 1 inch max of snow on the ground, but NC just can't handle the snow, which makes the New Yorker in me die every winter. 

However, it has been cold, real cold. And when it's cold I like to be prepared. I got this blanket scarf a couple weeks ago and Derek has deemed it impractical and massive. However, he wasn't even complaining when Em was cold and cranky in church on Sunday and I swaddled her up in said blanket scarf. She pretty much fell asleep instantly which means that a blanket scarf is a practical piece of clothing for all situations. Keep yourself warm, and it's a literal blanket on the go. I really don't know if I've sold you yet... but it's also only $9... so that should do it right there. 

Scarf: c/o Romwe
Shirt: Target
Pants: Ross
Shoes: Target


  1. awesome style <3


  2. Great scarf!


  3. I do love my blanket scarf. And it really has been SO cold this week. Ughhh!!!!

  4. You look adorable in this outfit! I wish my jeans fit me as good as yours do! Love the scarf! I love wearing scarves to brighten up an outfit!

  5. I love my blanket scarf too, and I love using it as an actual blanket. It has been so cold!!!