New Beginnings

I'm excited that I'm finally able to blab to the world about what our big news is! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we all went to Georgia a few weeks ago. The main reason for going down was because Derek had a job interview for a position with Lockheed Martin. It was pretty much a dream job for Derek and so when they called him to come and interview for the position, we were all pretty giddy beyond measure.

They had originally offered to fly Derek out for the interview, but I have a great friend/roommate from college who lives in the same city that his interview was in, so I turned it into a family trip so that I would get to have some fun too.

We got in the car and everything was just amazing. The kids were pretty well behaved for the entire car ride, and I just remember feeling so hopeful on the way down there. Derek was apparently feeling especially hopeful as he turned down an offer for a job here in NC on our way to the interview in GA. 

Derek got to Lockheed Martin for his interview at 7:30am, they interviewed him at 10:30am, and he was back at my friend Lyndsey's by 12:30pm. Around 4pm that same day, they had called Derek to tell him that we had gotten the job! I had imagined that moment of finally getting a job to be a lot bigger of a celebration, but I was so stunned, and so at peace knowing that it was right for us, that the two emotions kind of exploded into no reaction coming out of me at all. It took a few minutes and then I spent the rest of the weekend saying, "I just can't believe we are really going to live here!"

Since finding out about the job there have been so many little pieces that have clicked together so well. We've already found, leased, and put a deposit down on a new house. It was about a two day process, that had no hiccups along the way. Lockheed Martin is going to be paying for movers to come and move our cars and all of our possessions to Marietta for us... everything is just clicking so well. 

I haven't had that confirming point among all my planning that has led me to exclaim "Ah! This is why the Lord wants us in Georgia!"... All the other places Derek had interviewed in (Texas and Utah), there were a million and one reasons in both of those places why moving there would be so amazingly perfect for us. They had amazing hospitals and everything for Em, and there were just a million reasons why I felt and knew those places would be perfect. I haven't had that ah-ha perfection moment yet with Georgia, but I know that we obviously wouldn't be going there unless it was all part of the Lord's plan. 

Our theme song for the entire job application process was definitely "I''ll go were you want me to go" (#270 in the LDS hymn book)... I seriously have sung that in my head on repeat for the last five months... and now that we've actually gotten the job offer... the words of the first verse could not be more perfect:

"It may not be on the mountain height, or over the stormy sea, it may not be at the battle's front my Lord will have need of me. But if, by a still small voice he calls to paths that I do not know, I'll answer dear Lord with my hand in thine: I'll go where you want me to go"

Georgia is going to be so new to us, like each new adventure that we face, but we know that it's going to be amazing, and that it's where our family is needed at this time. We're so excited for the new people, and friends that we will meet, and are excited for what our future holds. I find comfort in knowing that living by the Lord's will, instead of our own, always yield's the best outcomes!

And because we're spending $100 less on rent each month, and are going from a two bedroom apartment to a four bedroom house with a fenced in yard.... I know that I'm already going to love Marietta! And because you know, who would I be if I didn't share pictures of our new home that I stole from


  1. Congratulations!!!!! and good luck with the move :)


  2. The children's hospital in Atlanta is amazing! So I'm sure Kinsley will be well taken care of! Did you buy the house or are you renting?

  3. Marietta is a great filming location. lots of movies filmed there and currenty, a movie called Selma is filming there. congrats.

  4. Hoooooray! And that house looks awesome. (Seriously, a house is so so so much better than an apartment. Crossing my fingers we can find a house in California).

  5. North Carolina will miss you! But so glad everything has worked out so great for you guys....excited for you!