The First Years Video Contest ($7,500 in prizes!)

The First Years is a brand the produces high quality products for babies and toddlers. Now through March 1st they are doing a video contest where you submit a short smartphone quality video of your family to be entered to win $7,500 worth of prizes, and a chance for you and your family to have their own web series! Prizes include a $5000 saving bond, an iPad, and more! Just submit your video here, with 100 words on what makes your family unique! To get your creative juices flowing, I thought I would share our video, along with what makes us unique:

Welcome to our little "Flammily" the punny name we give ourselves since our last name is Flamm. Our family consists of my Husband and I, two young twenty somethings with two kids, two and six months old. While that may seem like anything but unique, our days are spent at home with lots of laughs, and joy. In a world where the simple things in life are often taken for granted, we love getting back to the basics and enjoying the small and simple moments of child rearing, and diaper changing.

I can't wait to see your videos! Be sure to enter now before March 1st for a chance to win!


  1. Great video! What a fun concept, good luck with the contest!!

  2. So adorable! I love how you emphasize finding joy in the little things in life. Good luck with the contest!

  3. Great video! Your family is beautiful! Very nice blog!

  4. Great video!

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