Two and a Half

How it's really been two and a half years since our first child  entered our lives, I really have no clue. The time has gone by so fast and I feel like the weeks and months are only getting faster and faster. I remember when we first brought Jay home from the hospital and we felt like we didn't have a clue what we were doing, we thought we would never sleep again, and now that time all just feels like the biggest blur. 

I know that no one wants monthly updates of a two year old at this point, but there are things about Jay at this age that I want to share, and that I always want to remember. If that's not your thing, you can just look at the cute picture and then stop reading, but I promise this kid is pretty cool. 

I want to remember how much Jay loves his crocheted blanket from his Great Grandma Karen. Bedtime cannot start until he has that blanket (along with two from his great Aunt Jill, one I made, and another one my friend Jess gifted us at my baby shower). I want to remember the way he always laces his fingers through the stitching and picks little fuzzies off of it until he has a big ball of them that he throws under his crib. We endearingly call them dead sheep when we go to pick up all the little balls of wool around his room a couple times a month. For the record, the blanket still looks brand new, so how he's pulled that much fuzz from it, and it's still in great shape blows my mind. That's quality crocheting right there. 

This child is so particular. He loves lining all his toys in straight lines. If something gets out of line, it's bad news until the order is resumed. I'm told that he doesn't have OCD and that he should grow out of this by the time he's five... so for now we'll call it an organizational quirk. 

He loves being clean. When he's drawing with a marker and gets ink on his hands, life can't go on until his hands are cleaned. Also true for eating dinner as well. You would think that would mean his clothes are pretty clean but no worries, he has stains on all of them. 

Jay loves to eat dinner on our laps. He'll start off in his own chair, at his own plate, but then eventually makes his way to Derek and I to eat off our plates. Something about mom and dad germs just taste better apparently!  

Jay is super smart and knows all of his colors, numbers 1-13, and all of his upper case letters. We're currently trying to teach him the lower case ones. He knows how to spell his name which is super cute. Something about his little voice spelling it just melts my heart! That and when he says, "I you Momma!" (he always forgets to say love)... I die. He's just the cutest, and I'm so glad that he's mine, and all my days are spent with him. We couldn't have asked for a cuter, kinder, or gentler boy. 

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