Black + White

You guys are so surprised to see me in another black and white look right? This is look #2 of the shoot I did with Winsome Jones last week. This skirt is seriously calling my name! I'm all about the checkered pattern on it, and it would be so fun to style with a bunch of different colored tops this spring. Also, I mentioned it's checkered right? 

What styles are you guys currently into? I really don't know what it is with me and black and white lately, but I just can't seem to get enough. It makes getting dressed in the morning easier because it means that most of my clothes all go together... but I might need a color intervention. What colors are you guys loving right now?

Necklace: Nordstrom
Shoes: Forever 21


  1. Such a pretty skirt! Loving the black and the white!


  2. I'm obsessed with black and white outfits too so I'm totally obsessed with this look!

  3. I love the nude pumps with the checkered skirt because it's a classy pairing.
    Joua to the Rescue

  4. I feel that black and white is so classic! I love that I can pair it with bright colors for the spring/summer since neon is in this year and it doesn't overpower an outfit!

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