Em at 7 Months

Em turned 7 months old today! We just love celebrating this little girl so much! She is honestly the happiest little girl who will generally always smile on demand for you. She just has the sweetest little spirit and brings sunshine everywhere she goes. I know I say this all the time, but the last 7 months have truly been heaven on earth. We just love her so much. Even Jay who pretty much ignored her for the first 5-6 months of her life has taken a strong liking to her lately and can often be found giving her hugs, kisses, knuckles, and hi-fives. 

Developmentally Em was supposed to be able to be sitting on her own by 7 months, and she really isn't doing it to be honest. She can sit for 2-3 seconds and fall over, but isn't really close to full on sitting unsupported yet. To be honest, I kind of thought that when she started missing milestones or being a little more delayed I was going to be pretty freaked out and super dramatic about it, but I've actually been pretty, "meh, whatevs", about it. 

Not that I don't want her to succeed and hit those milestones, but we had a fun run, and I know she's going to sit eventually, and we live in an area that has great healthcare benefits for Em (all special needs children in Georgia automatically qualify for Medicaid making all her dr visits and therapies free), so we know we're going to be able to get her whatever help she needs to get her doing what she needs to be doing... so I'm just not going to sweat it. Plus, I mean she's super adorable, and is so cognitively present, that I'm just not really all that super worried. I often find myself super grateful that she's our second baby, and not our first, because I find I'm way more laid back and at ease with everything than the first time around.

Things to know about Em at 7 months:
  • She loves sitting in her high chair and playing with crinkle books while we eat
  • She is always putting EVERYTHING in her mouth (something we never experienced with Jay)
  • She still spits out most solid foods
  • Tummy time mainly involves getting on her belly and then immediately rolling to her back
  • She LOVES riding/sitting in the stroller. We go on walks every night, and when we play in the front yard we'll sit her in the stroller to watch us play with Jay and she won't make a peep. She has never not once cried in it, and has spent a lot of time in it!
  • She's a huge daddy's girl and looks forward to daddy cuddles after work
  • She laughs hysterically when Jay says boo to her
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