Em at Six Months

Heads up: I've been wanting to use blog names for my children for a while now to protect their identity a little more, from now on our son will be known as "Jay" (because his middle initial is a J), and our daughter will be known as "Em", (because her middle initial is an M)

There are a lot of statistics on the internet about what you can expect from a child with semilobar holoprosencephaly. The most daunting, dreadful, and heartbreaking one of them is the 1% chance that your child will make it to six months. During our pregnancy Derek and I made a choice to not terminate our pregnancy, and we fully signed up to love this little girl as much as we possibly could for however long we would have her. We knew we would most likely be singing up for the long haul in the hospital, and things that we could barely imagine, but we did and we would obviously never change that decision. 

When Em turned six months a couple weeks ago it felt like a literal weight being lifted off my chest. Even though she is super healthy and really doesn't have any medical problems, you can't help but play the statistics again and again in your head. Making it past six months for us means that our situation is obviously so much different than so many others. It meant that for me, I know that I just can't compare Em to any other baby with this condition. She's going to continue to do her own thing, which I'm sure will include surprises again, and again, like we've experienced already.

Em has been doing so well recently with some milestones! She likes to pull our plates towards her at the dinner table. She's been working on her pincer grasp at the high chair during meal times. She likes to pick up toys and put them in her mouth. She loves pulling on the toys in her baby gym. She's finally reaching for her toes during play time. She rolls all the time. The second you put her on her belly, she rolls right over to her back. She can't roll from her back to her belly, and honestly hasn't ever made the slightest effort yet to go for it yet, but it could happen.

I know I've probably said this a million times before, but I feel so much more appreciative for each little milestone in Em's life. I feel like I was always waiting for Jay to make it to the next level, and rushing him through things, that I don't think I appreciated his infancy like I should have. I know that it's going to take Em a lot longer to do things than it did for Jay, and that's completely OK. We have so much joy in celebrating each and every like step in Em's life. The ultimate joy is continually celebrating something you never thought would happen, which is pretty much every single day now when we wake up. 

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