Easy Easter Treat for Kids

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I'm definitely not the most crafty mom with my kids, but around the holidays I like to make some sort of effort and do something fun with them. Christmas time we decorated sugar cookies, and this year for Easter we made some bunnies in pudding cups. I headed over to Walmart during our big fill the kitchen raid after our move and grabbed some of the new Super Snack Pack Chocolate Puddings. Derek kept rejoicing about the promise of 60% more pudding than the original Snack Pack cups (we clearly take pudding seriously in our marriage).  They had a huge display and a tear pad with a bunch of fun recipe ideas, and I had a coupon, so I just couldn't resist. 

We brought home the Super Snack Packs, along with some vanilla wafers, sprinkles, graham crackers, and frosting, and went to town making some bunnies with our Super Snack Packs and fun mix-ins. We used a vanilla wafer as the head, and then broke the graham cracker into ears, stuck them together with some frosting, and then made the eyes, and mouth out of frosting and sprinkles, super quick and easy. 

Jay kept starring at it when I was done and said, "funny bunny!" and "cuteeee!". He cracks me up so much. In the last week or so he has been talking so much and it just blows my mind. When he wanted help with the graham crackers he said, "cut it in half please!", and I laughed because at one point he narrowly missed having to see a speech therapist, and now he never stops talking. Any who... I'm rambling, but here is a step by step of how you can make these bunny treats too!

First you're going to cut your graham crackers into two thin strips and then stick them to the back of the vanilla wafer with some of the frosting. 

Then you're going to place the bunny head into the pudding cup and then dot two eyes for frosting.

Then add sprinkles to the frosting dots for the eyes.

Next draw a thin line for the smile with some frosting. You can either leave just the frosting for the smile, or you can add some sprinkles along the frosting line for a more fun look!

What activities do you like to do with your kids for Easter? I'm looking for fun and easy ideas like this!


  1. What a cute idea for kids, love this in the pudding cup!


  2. Cool idea for keeping the kids entertained!


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  7. What a fun Easter snack! Thanks for sharing & Happy Tuesday :)

  8. So cute and simple! I just know the kids in my life would LOVE these

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    Bunny pudding cup is so sweet and cute