Em at 8 Months

My heart could literally burst at the seems with love and joy for all the things that have happened with Em this month. When she was born, that single event was miraculous in and of itself, but I'm continually blown away with each little milestone and each little thing that she has learned. Everything she can do truly is miraculous to me. I'm amazed that Heavenly Father didn't just bless us once on that very first day that she was born, but with increased health, strength, and capability each day since. I'm just filled to the brim with gratitude. 

This month Em rolled from her back to her belly. Something that was supposed to have happened so long ago finally happened, and reliving the memory just brings tears to my eyes. I know it seems like such a small thing, but seeing things happen that you truly thought never would... it's mind blowingly amazing. 

She also started eating solid foods. Another truly amazing event! I really thought that we were going to be on bottles forever, and that once she hit a year and started needing more nutrients than just formula, I thought that's when the feeding tube and all that was going to happen, but she's been eating and loves it. 

Not only that, but she has opinions. She knows what she likes, and what she doesn't. She knows that she loves banana flavored puffs, but she despises real bananas. She loves eating pureed sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash, but hates peas. spinach , and pretty much everything else that's green. But I just love that she has this little personality that knows what she does and does not want. 

She has even started getting upset at specific things. The other morning we were laying in bed and she was playing with her binky, taking it in and out of her mouth. She then dropped it on the floor and was super upset until I got it and handed it back to her. She literally knew she dropped it, missed it, and wanted it back, and was relieved once it was back in her hands. We also repeated the cycle a few more times with all the same emotions happening, and it was a little funny to see her get so upset. But only a little. 

Things to know about Em at Eight Months
  • We haven't slept through the night in over two months, and I haven't had a anxiety attack about it once. Proof that you're in a better mindset for your second child than your first. 
  • She's serisouly such a happy baby. She'll smile on demand for you anytime!
  • She's wearing 12 month size clothes, which is obviously upsetting since I bought a ton of 9 month size clothes last month.
  • She can eat pureed foods without spitting it out and gagging!
  • She can easily grab a toy whenever you hand one to her.
  • She can roll from her back to her belly. 
  • We haven't gone to a dr appointment in 3 months and I can't even tell you how good that feels. Although we have one tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure we're starting physical therapy soon, but the calm before the storm was awesome. 


  1. Oh my she is just adorable! So happy to appreciate all the little steps! :)


  2. Your daughter is so gorgeous and really doing so good from all your great parenting! I can not wait to see her walk-such a cutie!

  3. She's as cute as always! Every month I read these, I always want to shout, "Take that, medical science!!" God > medical science!

  4. Your baby is adorable! What a sweet happy little one.
    xo, j

  5. 8 months already?! That picture is so cute!


  6. Love how you write about different stages of your baby life.She's beautiful.

  7. What a darling little girl and what a cute blog! Glad I stumbled upon it this morning :)

  8. Super cute photo!