The Mint Pencil Skirt

I feel like I've really done this blog a disservice to my true personality over the last year. I feel like I've kept the tone of this blog pretty serious at all times, and while our lives have had a lot of serious stuff going on the last year or so, I don't want people to forget that I'm still strange, and weird, and painfully awkward. I still get myself into random, almost unbelievable situations. I want to share more of those here.

For instance, Derek's job has this program where if we wear step counters (pedometers), everyday then we can get money put into a health savings account to help pay for medical bills. Since that's the area of our lives where all the extra money seems to go, we thought this would be a great thing for us to do. 

So a couple weeks ago I was at Michael's getting things for this DIY project and all of a sudden it's either I go poop, or I die. Side note, I can go an entire week without having to go number two, and then as soon as I leave the house and go to a store, I have to go. I've decided it's my body's way of saying it hates me. So I run to the in-store-bathroom, and I go pee, and right before I'm about to do the other part, I realize the pedometer fell in the toilet. So you know, I'm in a pickle. I've just peed, but my pedometer fell in the toilet, and I mean, wearing that thing is like free money... so I stick my hand right in that toilet and I pull it out. But then of course I was in the stall that didn't have toilet paper, so I had to do the pants at my knees walk of shame to the stall next door. I finally wrap the pedometer in toilet paper, dry my hands off, finish my business because I still have to go number two, and then spend the next 10 minutes profusely scrubbing my hands to death at the sink. And yes, I did put my pedometer back on and wear it the rest of the time I was out. 

So there you have it...  embarrassingly awkward, too much information things, still happen to me. Just in case you thought they didn't, they most certainly do. This post also might have been 100% way too much Paige for one post, but there you have it.  

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Ross (old)
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Kohls (old)


  1. Ahh I love this skirt! It has such a nice texture. The necklace compliments it perfectly too :)
    Jennie Emma

  2. Haha, thanks for the giggle! So. Not. Fun. Last week my daughter found it necessary to put a stuffed animal and 2 baby dolls into the toilet. Yes, I fished them out but ended up throwing them away. They were not an asset, so I wasn't about to be responsible for sterilizing them in the wash! Also, you might try a calcium/magnesium supplement and fiber to help you get regular. :)

  3. This is such a pretty skirt! I like the design and color and it is perfect for Spring! You look great in it.

  4. That was such a funny story!! Thanks for sharing your funny story. New follower here! That skirts is gorgeous!! So beach fun and summer ready!


  5. Loving that skirt! What a pretty color!


  6. Lol. Something similar has happened to me, but it was my keys that fell in. Crazy. Love the waves on your mint skirt.

  7. Hi Paige, you look sooo beautiful! Here's a rose for you: @}-,--;--.
    All best, ROn