8 Trends I Swore I'd Never Wear

Fashion is a funny thing. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has seen models wear things on the runway and think, "man I would never wear that". But then things trickle down from the runway to the fashion blogs and I still think... "eh... that's still a little out there for me". Sometimes I even goes as far to verbalize certain trends that I can't stand... and then within a few months, or sometimes years, I find myself giving in and rocking the trends I swore I would never wear. Here are seven trends that I thought I'd never give into that I now find myself either wanting, or wearing all the time. 


1. Skinny Jeans: I remember in 2006 when I switched from private school to public school skinny jeans were just barely becoming popular. But they were pretty much reserved to the "emo-indie-ska-scene-punk" kids, and I swore I would never wear them. Apparently wearing skinny jeans meant I would also wear only black and start caking on ten layers of eyeliner... and I wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment. But now all my jeans are skinny jeans except one pair, and they're a trend that I fully love and embrace. 

2. Birkenstocks: I don't know if you guys know this, but my grandma owned about 4 different pairs of Birkenstocks. This means that when they became wildly popular last year I swore up and down I would never, ever wear them. Now they're the number one sandal on my wish list and am hoping to buy this knock off pair from Target at some point this summer. 

3. Hunter Boots: I was super late to the rain boot trend and couldn't understand the appeal for the longest time. Just this year I finally started to really want a pair of green Hunter Boots and then I got this pair for free and it's been happily ever after since. 

4. Statement Necklaces: I helped Shannon out with her blog for a while when we were both first getting into blogging and she wore statement necklaces all the time. I thought that they were a little out there and just too much... and then I bought a silver one from Nordstrom that I've worn in 50 outfit posts over here and it's a staple item that I wear all the time. 

5. Colored Denim: I used to think that jeans could only be blue, black, or white and anything outside of that was just plain cray cray, and impractical. Last year I finally bought some maroon jeans, and even some neon ones, and they're definitely a fun trend that I love wearing in the summer and fall.

6. Leather Leggings: These started getting popular sometime a couple years ago and I thought that they looked good on those super trendy fashion bloggers, but not on the everyday normal person. Then I saw Janssen wearing a pair and couln't believe how ADORABLE she looked and I've been wanting a pair ever since. (side note: I actually did buy a pair but they wound up not fitting right so I'm still on the hunt)

7. Kimonos: Another item that became a thing a few years ago. I couldn't understand what the appeal was, and they were super out there for me... But now there are a lot of options, and more everyday wearable patterns. I love this one from Target... and it also has pom-poms on it... which I thought were super strange at the beginning of this spring when they started showing up everywhere. 

8. LL Bean Boots: Another shoe I swear my grandma had three pairs of. Everybody was all about them the last two winters and at first I was all "NUH-UH!"... But now I think I may die (sarcasm), if I don't get a pair for this upcoming winter... But then I just remembered that we live in Georgia so I probably won't need them. 


  1. Aww great post! its funny isnt it what we swear we wont wear and then end up wearing to the full ahah :) I love myself some skinny jeans , my fav are ripped/distressed skinnys! My fav x
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  2. I love Birkenstocks, Hunter boots, LL Bean Boots and wear these three items all the time. I love skinny jeans! They are fun to wear! But leather leggings and colored denim I have not tried yet. Maybe some day!

  3. HAHA! I felt this same way about every single one of these too! Now I love them all!


  4. hahaha - i felt the exact same way about skinny jeans. I remember the first time I saw someone wear them in high school and I was like "absolutely not!"

    and now there are countless pairs stacked in my closet... #neversaynever

  5. I was the exact same way about skinny jeans and when I finally wanted to start wearing them my mom wouldn't let me!

  6. haha I feel this way about trends sometimes too! So funny how it happens.


  7. Haha yup. I've found myself being drawn to Birks lately too...just waiting for my hubby's approval ha

    Pink Wings

  8. I never saw myself wearing the LL Bean boots, but now I live somewhere that snows a lot so it is needed.

    Mimi & Chichi

  9. Hahaha! I started a post like this...but never finished it. Mine was much more broad... like no leggings, not even cotton ones....among other "no-nos." Isn't it amazing how we do this!?... totally vow to never wear something...then a few months to a year later...How/why do we do this!? So funny!

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