Friday's Five - 2015: Fri, May 15

It's been so long since I've written a Friday's Five post. Probably the most inconsistent thing about my blogging habits. I feel like with the increased amount of sponsored content though, I need to re-inject some true authenticity to this space. Not that I'm not authentic when writing for a sponsor, but I'm sure you guys are getting sick of seeing "this shop has been compensated by..." every single day. The truth is, we've had a lot of financial things come up lately that we just weren't really expecting, and they kind of all seemed to hit right at the same time, and the fact that you all support me enough that I'm able to help counteract those financial blows is seriously amazing. Thank you so, so much, because without you, the reader, I wouldn't be able to do that, and things would be a lot harder than they are, and I just want you guys to always know how grateful I am for your readership!

This week has been so so good though. Jay who has been on nap rebellion for the last month it seems, has taken one everyday this week. Which means I get well needed down time, and he's 10 times sweeter post nap (a trait he gets from me). 

Em has been eating solids a little bit more. We learned that she actually doesn't do too well eating them when she's in her highchair, but when she is sitting on one of our laps, she eats so much better. Maybe the fact that cuddling with daddy is her favorite? 

I think I've entered the five stages of grief about leaving North Carolina. We were so go, go, go, after moving here that I think I was in the denial phase. Then this week I think I blew past anger, entered into bargaining with Derek trying to get him to apply to a job at the Raleigh Airport (but then we'd have to pay back all our relocation money, and then that wouldn't help anything), and then I went through the depression phase where I think I relived every NC memory in the course of a day and balled my eyes out, and now I think I'm at the acceptance part again. That and the fact that is open on our computer 24/7 and that this move is pretty much a lot more permanent than my NC desires are particularly willing to admit to at the moment. But Georgia really is amazing, the people are great, and we are grateful to be here. It's just that so much happened to us in NC, it's going to always hold a very large part of my heart. 

On a lighter note, know how they say eventually you'll get so sick of yourself you'll finally start to take real actions about getting healthy? I think I hit that point. I've never been super motivated to be healthy post kids because I was fortunate enough to have the baby weight fly off and I didn't need to do anything to maintain my appearance (I know everyone is hating me right now). Recently I've been having a few health ailments though that have been driving me crazy, and every time I googled how to solve one of my problems, the answer was always "drink water and get plenty of exercise". Gosh I hate that sentence. But I finally went running everyday this week, and I've been more intentional about drinking water, and after a week I really feel so much better. I'm really hoping to make this a permanent thing again. I forgot how much more like "me" I feel when I run regularly. 

So there you have it, money, a napping toddler, an eating baby, the five stages of grief, and exercise are the top five for this week. Such a random collection of thoughts, but such is the nature of the Friday Five right? 


  1. I know what you mean about the five stages of grief when moving! I'm moving this summer and I'm still kind of in denial about it even though we've started packing a little bit... Maybe it won't feel real til we're there? I don't know!

    Anyway, just found your blog and I am loving it so far! So don't mind me if I stalk you on every form of social media... hehe :) Can't wait to read more from you!

    My Peanut Butter Problem

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