Friday's Five - 2015: Fri, Jun 12

Oh hey there. Me again. Back with another installment of Friday's Five. This week was such a good one that I might actually have more than five things to write about. I usually find myself not really enjoying the week and longing for the weekend to get here, but I really feel like this week was pretty top notch. Good thing I'm over here eternalizing it on the internet so I can remember it forever. 

1. Mom Can't Find Us: The other night I was downstairs getting work done that I was super behind on (story of my life lately) and Derek was playing with the kids in our bedroom and I kept hearing him say, "Mom can't find us...", I finally went upstairs to our room to find all of them hiding under our comforter and then Derek would pull the cover away and say , "BOO!", Jay and Em would then bust out with the best laughs ever, and at that very moment it was hard for me to believe that life could ever get better than that moment. 

2. Grad School: Derek and I had been going back and forth since we moved on whether or not we should wait until the one year mark with his new job since they would pay for grad school if we did. We ultimately decided that it wasn't something we wanted to put off, and so Derek applied and got accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University's MBA in Aviation program! He starts next month and should finish either February, or September of 2016 depending on how many classes he does each term. They have (10) six week terms during the year, so we should be able to bang it out pretty fast!

3. Girl's Night: I finally decided to toss my overloaded schedule out the window last night and went out with a few girls from church and it was so much fun! We saw Cinderella in the dollar theater and then stuffed our faces at Steak N Shake at midnight, and I pretty much have no regrets about it.

4. The Park: I usually find it too overwhelming to take Jay to the park during the week when I'm flying solo with both kids, but this week a bunch of people were all meeting up to go, and I'm trying this new thing where I'm trying to have friends, so I went and Jay surprisingly just played to his hearts content for two hours straight without me having to climb all the playground equipment with him. I just hung out in the pavilion with the other moms and Jay would come over every so often for me to refill his sippy cup, but Jay definitely found some appreciated independence this week. 

5. Em's PT: We've been working pretty hard on Em's PT at home this week and its surprising to see how much it seems she's been improving in just the last week. I've caught her three times this week grabbing at her toes and holding onto her shins, which she's had very little desire to do previously. We've been keeping her entertained during tummy time by using the Fisher Price "High Contrast" app on my phone, and she loves it! She actually stayed on her stomach for 8 minutes straight at one point! This has also contributed to her rolling from her back to her belly A LOT MORE. 


  1. These were great positive things. Having other women to hang out with is so important as being home with kids all day with not much adult interaction can be lonely. In the past, I've been in some areas where the stay at home mom's were so clickish, never inviting me to do anything, or would just do things in pairs and always leave someone out. It was hurtful after awhile, but after moving, I got a whole new set of stay at home mom friends and it is so much better.

  2. Congrats on his Grad school! I know that's a big commitment for you too since he'll be gone more and I'm dying laughing at your comment on trying to have friends. Sums up my life to a t haha.

  3. Aww, congrats Derek on Grad School! That's amazing! This is such a cute post, a gentle reminder that life's biggest joys is with family <3

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  4. Oh they look adorable
    Such a fun weekend with themXO

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  5. Sounds fun! I wish I can take my son to parks solo easy, but I never do because he never leaves the park from having too much fun and I'll end up needing my husband's strong arms to take him back home LOL


  6. Great 5 things!
    I go to the park with my tot all the time and we have met so many people and made so many friends that we do play dates with on a regular basis. I hope you continue to go.....
    Glad to hear you got some time out with the girls
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  7. Is your husband doing Riddle at Daytona Beach, Prescott, or online? I live in Prescott and used to work for "Riddle" as its nicknamed. :)

  8. Hearing your babies laugh hysterically is the best medicine when everything gets a bit too much!!! Look how happy they are in that picture!

    Megan ||

  9. Cute pictures!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  10. Is your husband doing Riddle at Daytona Beach, Prescott, or online? I live in Prescott and used to work for "Riddle" as its nicknamed. :)