Friday's Five - 2015: Fri, Jun 26

This week has been another good one for the books. I find that actually every week is amazing if I choose to find the good in it. But it helps that I can't remember loosing my cool once this week, and I'm pretty sure that can be directly related to our AC being fixed a week ago. But this week has been so much fun, naturally, I'm inclined to share. 

Last Friday night we headed out for our weekly family date night. After dinner we went to Target to grocery shop and decided to get Jay a kiddie pool, and some toys to play with. Derek and I spent the entire night after the kids went to bed blowing up the pool (with our mouths), and filling it with water so that Jay could play with it on Saturday. Jay LOVES his pool so much. He's gone "swimming" pretty much every day this week, and Em loves sitting in mommy's lap and splashing at the water. Having AC is great, but being able to play outside in the Georgia heat is even better. 

Sunday morning was Father's Day and Jay and I decided to make Derek some maple bars and bacon for breakfast. It was a fun new cooking experience for me, and I usually hurt something or someone when I try frying donuts at home, but this one went off without a hitch and I have no new scars on my arm to remember the day, which is perfectly fine with me. We used this tutorial to make them, and they were delicious!

I've been running regularly again for the last few months and it's so nice to finally be able to see me getting back into the good running condition I once was in. Pretty much the last 4 years I've been super not into running... I've ran a 5k, and I was signed up to run a half marathon in November, and countless other half Marathons that I had intentions of running but could never bring myself to seriously train for them. I made a commitment to just run though, no race in mind, just get in shape, and it's been paying off. I ran an entire mile and a half this week without having to open my mouth once to breathe, and it felt amazing. I just might be able to run a 10k by the end of the year. 

We're going to Charlotte again this weekend. I'll be on WBTV again on Sunday morning at 6am EST you can watch the live feed on their website, or you can wait until I post the clip here again, but it's going to be a good one! It's so weird... am I an actual contributor on a news station? Is this real life? 

And lastly, not necessarily amazing news, but news nonetheless. Em is off to the doctor this afternoon to get her head checked. She has a flat spot on the back left corner of her head, so we're seeing if she is going to need to be in a helmet for any certain amount of time. We've been trying to get it figured out and sleep her in different positions at home to get it to even out, and it's just not working so we're getting it looked at. Honestly, this girl has taught me that nothing is really a big deal.With Jay, the thought of him being in a helmet for 10 weeks would be a horrifying experience for me, and now with Em, I would much rather just get whatever help we need, as soon as we can get it, so that nothing becomes a horrifying experience. Funny how another baby and countless trips to the doctor really gives you thicker skin. 


  1. Hope everything went well at the Doctor and in Charlotte! I'm currently in my Pediatric summer in PT school and we just learned about helmets and all that good stuff :)

    XO Strawberry Chic

  2. Ok first of all, I can't believe you guys blew up that pool with your mouths! I can imagine how light-headed you must have been after lol Second, that is so awesome that you're a contributor for your local news! How did you score that gig?

  3. What cute pictures of you and Em in the pool, and Jay loving swimming everyday. I remember those days of when my son swam all the time out in his pool. It is so hot here where I am right now. I need to swim in a pool!

  4. Beautiful pictures. My son swims in this kind of pool every day too.