How Em's Physical Therapy Appt Went

Friday afternoon I took Em to her first physical therapy appointment and she did a lot better than I thought she would! I never understood people who felt incredibly sad on their last day of therapy, and having only spent two hours with our new physical therapist, I get it. We're going to be spending the next two years of our lives with this therapist, she's going to be responsible for getting Em to reach all those milestones. She's going to be there for the good, and the bad, and after those two hours, she already feels like family. 

She said that right now Em has the ability of a 5-6 month old. Which means there is about a 5 month delay considering she'll be 10 months in 10 days. She said that Em is very weak, and has low muscle tone. Which is actually relieving because for a while her legs would get so stiff I was sure she had high muscle tone and I'm told that's a lot harder to work with. As of right now Em's weakest muscles are in her arms, back, and abs, so those are the muscles we're working on the most at home. It's funny because I always tell people Em has scrawny arms, and now we know it's because she's got no muscle. 

On our sheet that we had to fill out before the session it said, "what are your expectations for therapy", and not knowing what to put I casually jotted down, "walking and talking by two". I didn't really think much of it though, and had actually really planned on Em spending a portion of her life in a wheelchair, which I was completely fine with. So at the end of the session I asked our PT, "So is expecting her to walk some day a ridiculously lofty goal that we shouldn't count on (I clearly always prepare myself for the worst)", and the PT said, "Oh no! She'll definitely walk! Probably around 2, but by her third birthday at the latest." As you can imagine, our PT is my new BFF.

So now we just have to wait at home for three weeks to hear back from our insurance company on how many sessions of PT they will pay for, and then we also have to wait for a couple patients to get discharged from the clinic since there is a wait list, but then Em will be doing therapy once a week every week for 2-3 months, and then after that once every other week, until we get  down to once a month. It's going to be a long journey to get her walking, but we're ready for it!


  1. I'm happy to hear that Em's first visit with the PT went well-that's so encouraging! You're an awesome mom, Paige.

    Happy Monday

  2. I am very happy to hear that your daughter Em will walk! She is such an adorable girl and I am glad that she is getting the help she needs!!

  3. Oh I'm glad it went so well and that, while it looks like a long road, there is something you can work toward.

    And that picture of her is the sweetest