Nautica Father's Day, and GIVEAWAY

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The one unfortunate thing about living far from family is that you pretty much never get to spend holidays or birthday's with your loved ones. This year I've been trying to do a lot better at sending more meaningful gifts to my family when I know I'm not going to be there to celebrate. This Father's Day I want to make sure my dad knows how special he is to me.

Growing up I was definitely a daddy's girl through and through and everyone knew it. If there was a shot at me getting away with anything, my dad was definitely the one to go easy on me versus my mom. We always said that getting spanked by dad was 10 times better than being spanked by mom, who I'm almost positive wore brass knuckles when the spanks came out.

Jokes and punishments aside, I'll always remember my dad for helping me get through my sleeping anxiety in middle school. The year that Elizabeth Smart got kidnapped there was also a large amount of other kids that had gotten kidnapped that were all over the news as well. This perpetuated into me never sleeping in my bed again and me staying up until 2 in the morning because I couldn't fall asleep/was too scared to go to sleep. I remember waking up my parents multiple times in the middle of the night to tell them I couldn't sleep and my dad walking be back to my room to tell me it was okay and that I would eventually fall asleep.

Finally a few months into the ordeal I remember my dad telling me, "as long as your laying down with your eyes closed your sleeping". For whatever reason that was the magic trick and after that  I remember it not taking me nearly as long to fall asleep each night. I still don't think I ever slept in my room again, but at least I was sleeping. Even now when I still can't fall asleep at night (like last night when it was super hot in our house and I laid in bed awake for two hours sweating...), I still just think about the sentence that my dad told me, and somehow I'm usually passed out within 10 minutes after that.


This Father's Day Nautica wants to honor great dads with their Nautica Life gift set. I picked one up for my dad at Macy's over the weekend and am super excited for him to get it in the mail this week. I love the fresh scents, and I'm convinced it will smell a lot better than the thousands of bottles of super old cologne that he has sitting in his medicine cabinet. Nautica is Also giving away a $4,000 cruise package to one lucky winner. 5 second place winners will also be chosen to receive the Nautica Life gift set. You can enter through the widget below. Winners must be 18+

Nautica for Dad


  1. What is it with dads always having crusty old bottles of cologne in the medicine cabinet? My dad does that too! Such a sweet story about your dad.

  2. Isn't it true how daughters tend to gravitate towards their fathers. I was the same way with my dad. I always had anxiety too, especially eating around others. For some reason, whenever my dad was around me, I could eat like a horse and I always felt so calm and peaceful. My dad just made me feel so at peace. I notice my own daughter feels that way with my husband over me. I agree wholeheartedly that fathers are very special and have a way of making their children feel secure when needed.

  3. this is such a sweet post! and thanks for sharing this link :)

  4. Beautiful post !

  5. I love this post, and the story about your sleeping struggles. I remember back to my anxiety issues in high school, and my dad was definitely one of the only things that got me through it. Dads are the best, aren't they? He's still one of my best friends. :)

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  6. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but at least your dad was there to help you through it :) I hope he enjoys his present!


  7. What a great post! Your Dad sounds like he was an awesome guy back when you were having sleeping struggles. I hope he had an awesome Father's Day this year! (Also, I totally recognize that 2nd photo...I live about 15 minutes from Saratoga!) #client