Spring Pattern Mixing

I found these pants last week at Old Navy on the clearance rack for $9 and I can't stop wearing them. I think I've literally worn them everyday since I bought them last Thursday. Remember how in high school you had to wash every single piece of clothing after the first time you wore it? And then you grow up and realize that you hate doing laundry so you finally realize you can wear clothes as much as you want until they're actually dirty? That's pretty much how my life goes. Although, if we're being honest... having two kids means I'm pretty dang lucky if my shirt doesn't go through the wash on the first wear, but my pants can usually last up to 10 wears. Was that just gross for me to admit all of that? I promise I don't smell. 

Also, lets talk about how cute Jay got last night when we were taking these pictures. Derek and I were in the middle of our street taking pictures... as usual... and Jay comes over and starts striking this pose, and then giving me hugs and kisses... and I was all, "yes, you can live in my basement until you're 30, and you can have a pony for your birthday, and pancakes every night for dinner..." That boy knows the way to my heart right there. 

Pants: Old Navy
Shirt: Target
Shoes: Old Navy (old)


  1. You look so cute.
    I love your pants pattern

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  2. I love the two patterns that you mixed together. These photos are precious.


  3. I absolutely LOVE your pants! I have to get the same pair of pants haha. Soon enough you will be seeing them on my blog ;)

    Something I really appreciate with blogs is that you get a better view of how the clothes actually look on real people, and in normal lighting xD I would have never guessed from their online store that this is how they would look !

    Guide for Ladies

  4. I saw these pants online earlier, and I've been thinking about getting them. I love the print!


  5. Those pants scream spring and summer! Love them! I go forever without washing my clothes too! lol. Your little boy is absolutely adorable in your pictures!


  6. I love the pants! And the fact that they were on the sale rack makes them even better!!


    Carolina Clover

  7. Love the color! Love your hug! Love your family! So adorable!
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    I want to write a blog about family like you, but I'm still young. Maybe I will wait till I have a family.
    P/s: your kid is so lovely !

  8. YOU two look incredible! Seriously love stopping by your blog!
    Sending you much love!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. Love the combo of stripes and floral! So fun and bold. :)



  10. Um, I just made a comment to someone on houzz that we don't wear the same hairstyle or jeans from 10 years ago (trying to make the case that its important to always update our home decor) and here you go telling everyone you're still wearing the same jeans! Your son is so cute, mine is 24 and just announced he's moving to his own apt. I asked him why he wants to break his mom's heart ;)