What I'm Telling People Who Ask About Baby #3 + GIVEAWAY!

I'm all for bargaining with God. I do it quite often. Sometimes it works well in my favor, and other times it doesn't. I remember in high school I'd be shooting hoops in my friends driveway and I'd tell myself, "Ok, if I make this basket, there is a God, and if I don't make this basket, there isn't." Sound logic clearly. Especially since I have the basketball skills of my two-year-old. I'd usually make that first basket, and then say to myself, "Just kidding, if I make this next basket, there is a God." I'd miss and then put myself back through the same cycle  over and over again.

Luckily, I now know there is a God, and I do still bargain with Him on occasion. Em is a terrible sleeper. She tricked us when she was first born and we thought that she was going to shape up to be an even better sleeper than Jay, which would have been amazing because he was a real, real good baby. I swear though, the older she's gotten, the worse of a sleeper she has become. I have no recollection of the last time that I've slept for more than 4 hours straight. Maybe about three months ago? I can't be too sure.

If you asked me two weeks ago if we were going to have more children, my answer would be, "yeah, probably a couple more..." Then there was this moment where for three days I thought I might be pregnant, and it was an "Oh shoooot..." moment. It was that fear where I realized that I haven't slept well in three months and then adding another baby on top of Em who already is a terrible sleeper would be the worst combination either.

So here is the new plea bargain with God. May the internet be my witness that if  I get 30 straight days of sleeping through the night, without Em waking up once, I'll willingly pop out 2-3 more babies. But until then, there are no future babies on the horizon.

Since my life has become a crazy mess the last few months, I've found it's slightly important for me to get a few minutes of "me time" each day where I can unwind, and prepare for the long night ahead of me. I usually only need about five minutes of no phone, computer, children, husband, etc... to feel at ease, and during that time I've found a few things I love to do.

1) Have A Snack: I'm trying real hard to cut all the terrible foods from my life right now, but every once in a while, (especially after long days and nights of parenting), I need a sugar fix, or I'll have a raging headache the rest of the day. These new Fiber One Salted Caramel Cheesecake bars have been a go-to recently, and I love that they have 20% of your daily fiber in them. I love a good five minutes to myself in the bathroom, and hey more fiber means more chances for that to happen... (too much?) Plus there is a coupon right now at Publix... so another win.

2) Do a Face Mask: I've been going through a terrible bought of adult acne right now which I'm convinced is also from not sleeping. I've changed 99% of my skin products to all natural (of course the mask above would be the one thing that isn't but this one makes my skin look soooo much better after!). I've been drinking a ton of water, and have been eating so much healthier... But my skin stinks, so I like to do a mask about once a week for a little pick me up!

3) Read a Book: I have pretty much no time to really read any books right now but I try to get about 5-10 minutes of reading in a day. This means it takes me about 3 months to finish a book, but I love being able to clear my mind and escape to another place. I'm reading Paper Towns right now, and so far, so good.

I'm giving way $15 paypal cash. You can enter using the rafflecopter below. You can use your winnings to buy yourself some yummy fiber one treats, or a book, or a face mask, or something great for you to use for that five minutes of me time. It's important ladies! Enter using the rafflecopter below! Giveaway runs until July 29th 2015 at 11:59pm EST. 

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  1. Definitely do what works for you!! That's such a cute bargain, though! :o)
    And your ways to de-stress are on point! I definitely love at-home spa moments and reading... I'm currently reading a realistic fiction piece called Dollface, it's so good, it's hard to put down, but in the same sense, I am savoring it, so I only read a chapter at a time. Also reading a non-fiction piece called Spy the Lie... that one takes more mental/focal energy, but it's very insightful!

    All the Cute

  2. I love this post, and those cheese cake fiber one things look AMAZING, seriously going to buy them right now LOL


  3. Whenever I try to tell God what's best for me or what I am or am unwilling to do, He typically shows me Who's in control of this life of mine. ;-)

  4. I really want to read Paper Town as well! Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. lovely post!
    check out my blog + follow back?

    Jess | wildvagabondss.blogspot.com

  6. Sounds like a fair bargain. Also I am seriously hungry right now and these treats are looking reaaal good. Yum.

    Pink Wings

  7. These sound delicious! I think the strawberry cheesecake flavor would be my favorite. :)