Why I Choose to Dress Modestly

If you've been a reader of my blog for any certain amount of time you'll notice that I don't wear very revealing clothes, ever. If you search through my "lookbook" archives you'll notice that I'm always in knee length skirts, my shirts always have sleeves, and my bathing suits always cover my midriff. I've made mention a few times over here in the past that I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or a Mormon. Some of you may know that members of my church are asked to dress modestly, but for me, I've only been a member of this church for five years, and my desires to dress modestly run a lot deeper than that. 

I can remember the two times in high school that I wore I a denim mini skirt and I couldn't wait for school to end so I could change into my clothes for track practice, or get home to put on sweatpants. I can also remember the one time in high school that I wore a tank top and I was so painfully uncomfortable I never did it again. My mom never once had to tell me to go upstairs and change my clothes before school because there was never a moment where I was trying to pull a fast one on her (in the clothing department that is). I remember when everyone started wearing sweatpants with words on the back that was the one time my mom said, "you will under no uncertain terms where pants with words on the back...", and that was completely fine with me. Although, when they started making them with the words down the leg, I was all over that faster than you could say the word sweatpants. 

So what I'm trying to say is, my desire to dress modestly isn't just because someone told me to, it's because that is who I am. For me, wearing clothes that cover my thighs, neckline, stomach, etc... it gives me confidence. I love being able to walk out the door and not have to worry about things hanging out of my clothes, or having to adjust them all the time (except for that one pair of pants that for the life of me that zipper will never stay up), I can live my life confidently because that's what my clothing provides me. So while I may be just one of the thousands of Mormon girls posting outfit pictures on a blog, just know for me, it runs a little deeper than that. 

Pants: Ross
Shoes: Old Navy (old, via Merrick's Art)


  1. I didn't know you've only been a member for 5 years. You'll have to tell me your story!

  2. I love that you dress modestly! And your clothes that you wear are so pretty! I think that it really reflects on a person and tells a lot about the way a person dresses. I think it is a level of respect for oneself to dress modestly. I always dress modestly!

  3. I love the outfits you post and that shirt is absolutely adorable!!

    I came home from my first girl's camp and told my Mom that if I couldn't wear my shorts to church activities then I didn't want to wear them. I am just more comfortable being modest as well. I like when you share tid bits about your life on here! :)

  4. I think as long as you feel great, that's all the matters! And you always look so stylish! :) I wore a mini skirt the other day and I had to be very careful getting in and out of the car. Haha! Of course, I wore spandex underneath to make sure I wouldn't flash anyone my business.

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  5. I think you look beautiful!! Dress however makes you feel like your best you!!



  6. Hi Paige! I love your outfit. Also, I can't tell you how happy I was to stumble across your blog and find this post. There are so many women, young and old that haven't grasped the concept of dressing modestly. They feel as if the more skin they reveal, the more attention they get. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it's true. I was raised in a Christian home so I can relate to how you feel. I've also raised my daughters to love and respect their bodies because it's God's will that they dress modestly. I just want to commend you and tell you that it was nice to 'meet' you.

    Feel free to stop by my blog whenever you have some free time. I hope we can keep in touch from time to time. Have a wonderful week.... :)