So How's Potty Training Going? + $20 PAYPAL CASH GIVEAWAY

When you have a three-year-old that's a question that you get a lot. We tried potty training Jay last summer before Em was born, and we decided that he wasn't ready then. I had also just spent the last six months of my life watching my best friend potty train her son, and she admits that it was one of the worst things ever, so to say I was super unmotivated to put myself through the torture was an understatement. 

Also, I had read up on all the signs of potty training readiness, and if we're being honest, to this day Jay isn't showing a single sign of readiness other than age. He doesn't hide when he dirties a diaper. He wakes up in the morning with super drenched diapers. He doesn't want to use the potty. We heard when he can go up the stairs one foot after another, instead of using both feet on each step, that it was another cue for potty training, and he still isn't doing that either.

All that being said, we've spent the last month of our life trying to potty train a kid who wasn't showing any signs of readiness and it's been, less than fun. The first few weeks were raging fits every time the potty was mentioned. There have been so many loads of laundry every other day to clean the 14 pairs of underwear he has. There have been tears, screams, wet floors, poopy carpets, and lots of chocolate consumption. (Bribery for Jay, survival for me). My favorite part of the day has usually been nap time and bedtime when we put a pull-up on him and get a rest from our labors for a few hours. 

This weekend though I think we finally turned a potty training corner. Jay still definitely can't signal when he's about to soil himself, but he's been less resilient toward using the potty. He's been holding it for longer periods of time. He stayed dry through three hours of church yesterday, and through two hours of errand running this morning. And so far, as of 4:33pm, he's only wet himself once twice today. Which is basically an anomaly when compared to the last three weeks of our lives.

I know a lot of people would suggest for us to just lay off and wait it out a little longer. The only problem is that when Jay gets used to something, the longer you wait it out, the more resilient he is to change. This is the kid that at age three has still never once tried to climb out of his crib. So it's kind of on us to rip off the potty training band-aid. 

I will admit that this entire adventure hasn't been nearly as terrible as it could be. I'm grateful that each day I can see improvement, and that I always have Huggies Pull Ups to fall back on during bedtime. I'm also grateful that for a limited time, Huggies Pull Ups are on sale at Family Dollar when you text CARE to 28767... because I know we're not going to be night trained for probably another year, so stocking up is probably a good idea. 

Because I love you, and because I want you to have everything you need for potty training, I'm self hosting a $20 paypal cash giveaway. Contest runs from today, through 9/21/15 at 11:59pm. Enter using the Rafflecopter below. 


  1. Oh my gosh, our sons must know each other!
    My son is not in a crib anymore but he never climbed out of it and has still never climbed out of bed. He just doesn't care to.
    We started PT'ing back in May and although #1 has gotten better #2 is still a pain in the butt (pun intended).
    Gotta love these "strong willed" 3 year old boys.
    But for good news- they say the strong willed children end up being those who never waver in their beliefs. So all this stubbornness is worth it for a strong testimony I guess!

  2. Potty training does not sound like it is for the faint of heart, but it sounds like you're doing awesome to stick it out and you're making progress. Good luck!!

  3. My mom is a child care expert and she always says that boys are harder to potty train than girls. So good luck! lol. He might not know how to use the potty properly, but her sure knows how to take an adorable pictures...and that the most important thing in life. lol.

  4. Hang in there! My son goes part time to daycare and the director said to go cold turkey with undies and it would take a month for them to get it. We finally did, and it ended up taking 6 weeks, but he did eventually get the hang of it. (we totally still use pull up/diapers for nap times and bed time. I'm not willing to lose sleep yet.) He will get the hang of it and this will be a distant memory some day!

  5. My 2 year old has zero desire whatsoever to go potty on the "Big Girl Potty!" One day.

  6. my sister will appreciate these tips :)

  7. I read the article about keeping consistency between home and daycare. For me, it was so important for us to be on the same page and discuss each day what was or wasn't working. While my son was growing-up, I actually took him out of a daycare that was shaming him for having accidents so, yes, this communication is key. :)

  8. I think consistency is the key. I know people who take forever to potty train because some days when they "feel" like it then use pullups but then if they don't "feel" like dealing with it they will tell the child to just use the diaper and the baby gets confused with mixed signals.

  9. Choosing the right potty seat worked for my little one. It can be scary for them not having the right seat that fits them.