Another Great Weekend

This weekend went far better than I could have ever hopped for. With a fantastic weekend two weeks ago, and an amazing week last week, surely things couldn't stay peaches and butterflies over here, but once again, it really was another amazing weekend. 

Friday night we headed out as a family to a local burger place, Cheese Burger Bobby's. It was national cheeseburger day, and I had read an article that eating a burger and fries was a lot better the day before a race than pasta (which is what everyone thinks you should eat the day before a race), and I'm not one to turn down instructions on burger eating, so we went, and it was amazing. I rate it higher than Five Guys, so if you're in the Marietta/Kennesaw area in Georgia, I highly recommend it!

After that we came home and played outside in the grass, talked about our house buying plans for the winter, played soccer in the yard, put the kids to bed, and spent way too long looking at houses and charter schools online. Em also decided to make this her worse sleeping night of the week, but luckily Derek took care of it for me so I could get a good nights rest for my race. 

Saturday morning I woke up so tired! It was 6:30am and I really laid in bed for ten minutes contemplating whether I really wanted to go run my race or not. I was really about to just keep sleeping but finally decided to get up, and headed out the door. 

When I got there it was so incredibly cold. It took me 15 minutes of jogging just to stop shivering! The race started at 8am and was a lot more difficult than I was anticipating. I trained the entire time in my neighborhood which is a mile loop with three large hills. I had never been more grateful because this race had so many steep hills, and I was prepared for each of them. 

Only the top three finishers in each age group were going to get medals and half way through the race I evaluated where  I was compared to the other girls my age, and there were about three ahead of me that I figured would get the medals. Luckily, they all died out on the hills and I wound up passing all of them. During the last mile of the race there wasn't really anyone in front of, or behind me. It was that awkward moment where the first group of racers had already finished and you can't really see anyone and you're not really sure if you're going the right way. But I kept pushing and eventually I saw the finish line, and the huge timer. It said 28:50. I sprinted as hard as I absolutely could and finished the race in 29:17 (my phone told me 29:07 but when I looked at the official times online yesterday it said 29:17). I had never felt more proud of myself! I was thinking I would barely make the 30 minute mark and I got well below it! I was almost mad at myself for not getting in the 28 region... but next time! I finished in 17th place overall, and took first in my age group. There were only 104 runners all together so it's more of a testament to how small the race was than my athleticism.  


  1. Congrats on winning your race! What an accomplishment. I love the restaurants that you went to and your date night food looks delicious!

  2. Congratulations! It is so awesome that you won the race you should be so proud of yourself! And it looks like you had an incredible meal as well! Home date nights sound lovely.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. OMG! Congrats!!!! I am so impressed! You are awesome! Yay for another great weekend! I had family visit over the weekend so I had an amazing weekend too :) But our weekend consisted more of shopping, eating, and watching chick flicks. lol. We definitely didn't kick butt in any races like you did!

  4. So cool!! Congrats! And omg these sliders look so yummy

    Pink Wings