Em at 12 Months

Finally after two weeks have passed since Em turned one, I'm here to share with you the pictures from her birthday. Her special day was nothing too extravagant. We spent the day at home doing our normal routine while we waited for Derek to get home from work. When he arrived home we ate cupcakes, opened presents, and spent the afternoon/evening with one another, playing with new toys, and just relishing in the moment that we really made it through this last year. 

Em has been making so many improvements since her birthday. She is eating up to four containers of pureed baby food per day. Such a huge leap from the one-a-day she was putting down last month. The other night she held a banana in her hand and ate the entire thing. It was amazing, and terrifying to watch at the same time, because a month earlier, on our anniversary, she'd eaten a black bean and started choking, and I had to do the Heimlich in the middle of the restaurant and she wound up projectile vomiting on the floor. 

Four days after Em turned 1, I turned 24. Again, it was a pretty low-key day, but when I made a wish on my birthday candles, I wished that Em would start sitting unsupported within the next month. Two days after that birthday wish, Em sat unsupported for 30+ seconds, and has even done it a few more times since then. 

We've been working really hard on getting her to sit in her wheelchair so that she can actually start propelling herself forward in it, and today she decided she no longer needed her side supports and it was just Em, and the wheelchair, and she looked like she was ready to get going!

It's really been amazing to see all these major changes over the last few weeks. It felt like for a few months that we were putting all this effort into physical therapy for little to no results. The therapist kept telling us that we were doing great and that she could see the improvements, but we were still unsure if we were really making a difference, and then all of a sudden we've had these last couple weeks where it's been one big thing after another. 

I love this girl so much. I know I say that frequently, but seeing how fragile a life can be, and then seeing her take what she's been given, and have so much determination to want to improve, and to see how capable, alert, responsive, and intelligent she is, it's so amazing. This little girl is such a precious little piece of heaven in our home. She lights up our lives, and our hearts. 

We still don't know what the future holds for Em. We're making plans like she's going to be here for a real long time, and that she's going to do amazing things, but we still just don't know. What I do know is that we've just had the most amazingly beautiful year of our lives, and we owe it all to a loving, merciful Heavenly Father. My heart is overwhelmingly full as I sit here and recount the numerous miracles that we've seen unfold. Never in my wildest dream did I think I would ever be sitting here blogging about Em's first birthday, and here we are. God is good my friends, God is good.

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  1. so heartwarming, really. i'm with you, on the God is good team :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Em! She is so cute, and I bet she loved her gifts. Happy Birthday to you too! Nice to know how she is improving every day!!

  3. God is SO good! Thank you for sharing, it's always encouraging to hear about God working in people's lives!

  4. Happy Birthday Em! Way to go with all the improvements!


  5. These pics are too cute! Its crazy how time flys :)

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  6. Happy birthday! What a little cutie!

  7. What a gift you are giving her by writing here! She is precious!

  8. She is such a sweet little girl (I love how she is always so smiley!!) and I love how perfect of a momma you are for her! Happy birthday again to both of you ladies!
    Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn