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Monday I talked about how we had such a great weekend it was hard to see it end. Little did I know that there was going to be an even better week ahead of us. So many great and simple days. So many great and simple milestones for Em. So much fun and laughter for Jay. It's weeks like this that fuel me. It's weeks like this that make me remember why I chose parenthood. Why being able to be a stay at home mom is one of the greatest blessings I've ever had. This week was one for the books. 

First off, Em finally sleeps without being swaddled. She slept swaddled for the first twelve and a half months of her life and I honestly just thought that it was going to be a way of life for us. I literally was picturing my future of swaddling a kindergartener. Which is totally doable. We had been using Woombie sacks for the last year, and when I found out they released a line for special needs kids I was like, "oh, we're totally going to be using that!" Luckily for us, that won't be a thing anymore, Em gets blankets just like the rest of us!

Em also started loving tummy time this week! We've been going outside and playing on blankets in the grass and she loves being on her belly watching her brother's every move. It's been awesome! I also think that not sleeping swaddled has helped her to feel more confident on her belly! She's been rolling all over the house and it's the greatest thing ever.

On a final note for Em... Her and Jay were both standing at the couch playing with toys the other day, and my heart just about burst in two. It was definitely not a sight I thought I'd see at all in 2015, so to have that happening... It's the greatest. She's been standing at the couch, and holding onto furniture for the last month and a half or so, but for small increments. You could leave her there for a whole minute now without anything bad happening. Although I never move further than two feet just in case.

This week I finished my last training run for the 5k that I'm running tomorrow. After eight weeks and 77.5 miles of running, I'm finally ready to run a 5k. At the beginning of this year that seemed like such a hard thing, and now running three miles is totally not a big deal. I've even signed up for a 10k in October and am making plans for a half marathon in December. This week I also broke my personal record for running the mile since having Em. I've gotten my time down to 8:23 and am really hoping for a sub thirty minute 5k tomorrow. 

Jay has been so cute and sweet this week it's been making my heart burst. He's just been so happy and easy going and has really been saying and doing the sweetest things. Last night Derek was making French toast for dinner and Jay ran and got the step stool, put it by the counter, ran to the table, got his plate, and then hopped up on the stool and said, "can I have a French toast please daddy?", it doesn't seem that funny now that I'm typing it out, but parenting is way cuter in the moment anyways. 

We're also so happy to see that Jay has such a fun sweet friend here in Georgia. Jay and Claire have become such good friends. Claire says that Jay is, "such a nice boy", and they love walking around and holding hands. It's the cutest thing ever. It's so nice to have two three-year-olds play so nicely together. They're friendship is my favorite.

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  1. You are way too hardcore. I can't believe you trained so hard for a 5k!! How I wish I had that discipline. I remember training for my (first and last) marathon in less than a month and let me tell you, my time was obvi not as pretty as yours! You are my inspiration

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