101 Goals in 1001 Days - 2015 Tue, Oct 20

Over the last few months I've had quite a few friends, start, finish, or report on their progress with the 101 Goals in 1,001 Days challenge. I then of course got the urge to make my own list of things for us to accomplish in 1,001 days and thought it would be a fun thing to share on the blog with everyone. I broke our goals into nine different categories: Kids/Family, Relationships/Dates, Financial, Health/Fitness, Spiritual/Service, Home/Projects, Paige, Derek, and Food. I'm going to list all the goals down below and then every time we complete five or so goals I'll come back and report how we did. I will also be coming back to this post and filling in when things get done. So here we go, 101 Goals in 1,001 days. Also, this challenge starts today 10/20/15 and runs until 7/16/18. 

Kids & Family
1. See the last 29 States Together
2. Atlanta Children's Museum
3. World of Coca Cola
4. Drive Around and See Christmas Lights (12/21/15)
5. Atlanta Braves Game
6. Skyview Atlanta
7. Marietta Museum of History (5/26/16)
8. Morgan Falls Overlook Park
9. Little River Trail
10. Sprayground at Riverside Park
11. Legoland Discovery Center
12. Southeastern Railway Museum (3/11/16)
13. Dye Easter Eggs (3/28/16)
14. Carve Pumpkins
15. Make Thanksgiving Craft
16. Make and Decorate Sugar Cookies from Scratch (12/2/15)
17. Potty Train Jay (3/4/16)
18. Get Em Sitting
19. Get Em Crawling (2/28/16)
20. Get Em Walking
21. See Fourth of July Fireworks (7/4/16)
22. Go Camping
23. Go Apple Picking
24. Go Peach Picking
25. Pick Oranges
26. Get A Real Christmas Tree
27. Take Kids to Another Country

28. Have an At-Home-Date-Night Every Friday for a Month
29. Get a Babysitter 6 Times in One Calendar Year (6/2016)
30. Take a Dancing Class
31. Go on a Overnight Trip Without Kids
32. Go to a Shooting Range (7/22/16)
33. See a Play
34. Eat a Food we Normally Wouldn't

35. Buy a House (6/30/16)
36. Have Our Mortgage Be Less Than Rent
37. Pay Off Student Loans
38. Pay Off Car
39. Finish a No Spend Month
40. No Eating Out for a Month
41. Start Saving for Retirement
42. Pay for Person Behind Me at Fast Food Place (12/11/15)
43. Save 6 Month Emergency Fund

44. Eat Five Fruits/Veggies Everyday for a Month
45. Run a 10k (10/24/15)
46. Run a Half Marathon
47. Get a Check-up (Paige)
48. Get a Check-up (Derek)
49. Take Kids to Dentist (3/2/16)
50. Get Cavity Filled (Derek)
51. See the Dentist (Paige)
52. See the Dentist (Derek)
53. Get Rid of Acne (Paige) (2/1/16)
54. Order New Glasses (Paige) (3/2/16)

55. Finish My Personal Progress
56. Complete Visiting Teaching 12 months in a Row 
57. Have Family Home Evening Every Monday for Two Months  (6/2016)
58. Read Scriptures Every Night for Two Months Straight
59. Have Family Prayer Every Night for a Month
60. Go to the Temple Every Month for a Year (Derek and Paige) 
61. Memorize The Living Christ
62. Memorize The Family Proclamation to the World

63. Decorate Kyle's Bedroom
64. Re-paint Our Bed (2/20/16)
65. Buy a New Dresser (05/2016)
66. Buy New Nightstands (05/2016)
67. Finish Decorating the Living Room
68. Clean and Organize the Kitchen/Pantry (purge unused things) (10/26/15)
69. Clean Out Unwanted Things in Master Bedroom  (05/2016)
70. Print Pictures and Update Photo Albums
71. Buy a Desk and Setup Home Office (9/12/16)
72. Decorate Master Bedroom (8/8/16)
73. Make Homemade Laundry Detergent
74. Get a year supply of Food Storage
75. Make New 72 Hour Kits
76. Family Pictures in 2016
77. Family Pictures in 2017
78. Family Pictures in 2018

79. Attend a Major Blogging Conference
80. Go to Bed Before 11pm Everyday for a Month
81. Make Drop-Down Menus for Blog Header
82. Don't Yell or Say Faux Swear Words for a Month (crap, heck, shiz, gosh etc...)
83. Go Two Weeks Without Wearing Makeup
84. Take a Class of Some Sort
85. Write a Book
86. Vote in Public Election
87. Read 5 Books (The Martian 12/9/15, The Dorito Effect 1/8/15, When is A Planet Not a Planet 1/9/15, The Book Thief 1/17/16, Divergent (2/10/16)
88. Write 10 Letters via Snail Mail (5) (9/29/16)
89. Host a Party at My House (3/24/16)
90. Send 5 Random Gifts (12/2/15)
91. Get a Passport
92. Dye My Hair (2/3/16)

93. Finish MBA
94. Surprise Paige with Romantic Date

95. Eat an Acai Bowl (3/11/16)
96. Have Vegetarian Dinners for a Week
97. Drink Green Smoothies Everyday for Two Weeks
98. Try Five New Foods (Butternut Squash, Dates, Mangoes, Acai)
99. Drink 100oz of Water Everyday for a Week
100. Make Fried Donuts from Scratch (9/28/16)
101. Go a Week Without Sugar (Paige)


  1. I came across your blog while browsing comments on another one - and I had to say, I love the idea of this goal list! I love how you've mixed new experiences with pleasure with things that need to get done. I am inspired to make my own!

  2. Love this! So motivating :)
    -Adi xxo

  3. I just found your blog - and I love this idea! I really like the fact that your goals are quite realistic, and I love the way you segmented them into categories. It's been ages since I've sat down and made a list of goals for myself. Might need to do this soon!


  4. Love this! All your goals are great! I'm going to get my teeth cleaned today so I can check that one off :) Also, I really want to eat an acai bowl too! I've never tried one.


  5. what a great list! how fun! you guys are going to have a BLAST going through all of these!

    love the blog girl, keep it up! if you get the chance, please take the time to check mine out! maybe even follow (no pressure though!)

    have a great week. :)
    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  6. I commend you on this, it is quite the undertaking. You have some great goals on there! Time flies so quickly, 2018 will be here before we know it. Best of luck! xx www.celebratingthislife.ca

  7. WOW! Love these goals. I wish you the best in achieving them! I just stumbled across your cute blog!
    I just wrote about my favorite brown over the knee boots and dress. I would love if you came read about it! http://bit.ly/lauryncakes1

  8. Wow! What an awesome list. Your babysitter goal got me thinking. I bet we've used one less than 5 times this year. It is so important to have a night out as a couple. Hope you achieve greatness x

  9. love this idea and I am so inspired by your goals! I am new to your blog, you sound so wonderful! Good luck to you this year, can't wait to read as you accomplish them!

    xoxo www.touchofcurl.com

  10. Oh my. I get overwhelmed just looking at this >.< Good luck girl, as always you are my inspiration

    Pink Wings

  11. Great post Dear! Have a wonderful Weekend:)


  12. These are awesome goals and I was excited to read through all of yours! Sounds like we should do a double to the temple :)!

  13. I love this!! So important to write down all your goals for the family! I need to do this! I am do focused on our homeschool goals that a lot of these tend to be after thoughts!!

  14. Love your goals!! Hey, I know I'm bias, but I think you should come to Bloom :)