TMNT Family Halloween Costume

I love traditions. We have a ton that we do throughout the year for a bunch of different occasions, but Halloween is basically the start of the holiday season, and that's when I pick up momentum with going crazy and doing every possible tradition I can think of. During the fall we always read tons of fall stories, go apple picking, a trip to the pumpkin patch is always a must, there are lots of pumpkin flavored desserts, and I love me a good family themed Halloween costume.

The first year that we were married Derek and I were storybook characters. We didn't put much effort into our costumes and just made t-shirts at the last minute before heading over to my brother and sister-in-law's place for a movie night, but it totally still counts. When Jay was a newborn we dressed him up as a super hero, and Derek and I were said superhero's parents. Again, Derek and I just opted for t-shirts but it was still pretty cute in my opinion. The following year we fell off the boat and Jay was a skeleton, but at least Derek and I were wearing black so we at least looked like we all belonged together right?

Last year I had epic plans for us to all be crayons for Halloween. After I had cut letters for hours, hot glued them to the felt, and measured everyone's costumes just so, I went to run them all through my sewing machine last minute before we went trick-or-treating and broke my needle. I just scrapped the entire idea and we pretty much did nothing. 

This year though, I'm back for another great round of the family Halloween costume and this year we went with Ninja Turtles! We bought our costumes at Party City because the sewing machine got gifted to a friend last year for Christmas and I never replaced it when we moved. That, and there was no way I could trust myself to actually make our costumes with how busy we've been lately. The great thing about Party City was that they had a lot of accessories to add to your costume to make it your own, Derek and Em's costumes didn't come with turtle shells so we bought some extra ones to add to theirs. We also bought extra face masks for Jay since we knew he would lose his... which may have been a loss cause since he was definitely not interested in wearing it anyways.

We had such a blast picking out our Halloween costumes today at Party City. Most of the displays had already been picked through but I was amazed at how nice and willing the employees were to run in the back three different times for me to help get all the costumes we needed! I made a video of our shopping trip that you can watch at the end of this post! It was so fun!


  1. You guys look terrific in your Halloween costumes. I think all the pictures are adorable of you and your family!!

  2. The Pinstripe Jack Skellington Costume is just right for me! :)

  3. How fun! I wish all of you a great, fun and safe Halloween season!

  4. Okay, these costumes are adorable!! We are still figuring ours out and you have a whole family of Ninja Turtles over there!!