Friday's Five - 2015: Fri, Oct 30

1. Grandpa Came to Town: Last weekend my dad called me to tell me he would be flying into town. He's one of those people that doesn't plan ahead too much, but once he gets the idea that he's going to do something, he goes for it full force. I was worried that Jay wouldn't remember him at all from last year, but within five minutes he was sitting on his lap, reading stories, and making him play the most ridiculous games with him. We dropped my dad back off at the airport this morning and we were all a little sad about it. We wash our tears away with these pumpkin waffles when we got back home. 

2. Em is Sitting Even More: One of the goals that our physical therapist had set for Em was that she would be sitting unsupported for five minutes on the floor by Halloween. I don't think she is going to be reaching that goal by tomorrow, but she did sit in this highchair last night at dinner for an entire hour without falling over once. The chair didn't have a buckle or anything, and normally she would collapse to one side, or fly backwards in that situation, but she kept herself grounded in the middle the entire time. The fact that she 100% could not do that  few months ago is proof that therapy is working!

3. Work Work Work: I've seen Derek for a total of about seven hours this week. It's his busy season at work which means he's been having to stay late, and it's my busy season in the blogging world which means Derek gets home late, and pretty much goes to bed, and I'm up working on projects, applying to campaigns, and editing pictures until the wee hours of the night. It will all be so worth it come February when our lease it up and we're hopefully sleeping in our own home, but right now, it's all just a lot of work (that we're really grateful for).

4. Trunk or Treating: Jay and I went to our church trunk or treat last week (Em was sick so Derek stayed home with her), and we had a blast! Jay loved going from car to car and getting candy. He wouldn't say trick or treat, but thanked every person that gave him candy, and even high fived two people that weren't Derek or I. He's walked around the house all week with his orange pumpkin bucket in tow and sorts through his candy all the time. He doesn't really like eating it all that much, but watching him have his own fun with it is incredibly cute. 

5. Finding Good Food in Georgia: My dad wanted to take us out to dinner while he was here so I asked on my church's Facebook page what everyone's favorite place to eat was, and while we got a lot of good suggestions, Derek wound up having to meet us where we would eat because he had a late meeting (and then wound up not showing up at all), but we wound up finding a place near his office last minute and went to Stock Yard Burgers and Bones. If you're in the Northern Atlanta area I would highly recommend stopping by. The burgers were made with the best ingredients, and were less than $10 dollars. The most inexpensive, high quality meal I've ever eaten. And our waiter was from NY just like us, so it felt like a win. 

Have a great weekend and a safe Halloween!


  1. That picture of your dad with Jay is so sweet! That's photo that Jay will cherish forever :)

  2. What does your husband do for work? I don't like the weeks where I don't get to see Noel for only just a few hours. Hopefully y'all will be able to do something fun together just the 2 of you sometime soon.

    And your first sweet. I think that kids always have a special place in their heart (and memory) for their grandparents.

  3. I feel ya on busy season! Devin has been traveling since October and it won't stop until new years. I'm ready for it to be over!

    I love that picture of your Dad and Jay. Definitely one to print out and send him for a Christmas present or father's day :)