The Best Love Story Ever Told

In honor of Derek's 27th Birthday today I decided to tell how we met, started dating and all of those fun details. You would think this would have been one of the first posts on here, but I realized a couple weeks ago I never wrote it and decided now would be a good time. 

As many of you know, I'm a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I grew up in upstate New York and got baptized at the age of 18. In January of 2010, after I had saved up money for a several months and from the help of many friends, I hopped on a one-way plane to Salt Lake City, Utah where I would attend LDS Business College. I lived in Salt Lake for one semester before deciding to move an hour south to Provo where a bunch of my friends from back home had been living. Against the advice from a couple friends, one of my roommates and I decided to move into an apartment complex that had a less than desirable reputation. In Provo terms, it was referenced as, "Fornication Station".

Side note: in my church, where and who you attend church with is based geographically off of where you live. You're assigned a certain building and meeting time in which you are to attend your church meetings. In Provo, Utah, you have the choice to attend a normal family ward, or a young single adult ward where the idea is to meet someone and get married. Also, in Provo, Utah, single adult church meetings are held in classrooms on Bringham Young University's Campus. Family wards meet in regular church buildings.

I had made the decision my first Sunday in Provo that I would attend the assigned family ward for my apartment complex so that I wouldn't have to go to church with the said, "Fornication Station" people. This was me thinking my moral standards were a lot higher than they probably really were. On my first Sunday I had set out for the family ward without a GPS and got completely lost and never found the meetinghouse.

I decided that was a terrible plan and just headed up to BYU's campus and decided I would just walk into any random building and whatever ward I walked into would be a sign from God that I should attend that single's ward, and that would be where I attended church while living in that particular apartment complex. 

As luck would have it, I walked right into a ward that was assigned to my apartment complex. It wasn't the ward for my exact building number, but the fact that I walked into that apartment complex's ward was sign enough for me that I should probably just attend the young single adult ward that my building was actually assigned to. The bishop of that ward told me that my ward would be meeting in the club house of my apartment complex for ward prayer that night at 7pm and that I could meet my bishop and the rest of my ward then.

My roommate Suzzie, her boyfriend (now husband), and I walked to the club house and waited for the meeting to start. Derek was conducting the meeting and he stopped me dead in my tracks. As I watched him speak I just kept staring at him and thinking to myself, "This is the guy I'm going to marry!" 

I had just had a pretty rough breakup the month before and I was 100% not interested in dating, but I became obsessed and could not get Derek out of my mind. I had decided to pray and ask God if Derek was really who I was going to marry because I didn't want to waste time dating someone if it wasn't going to go anywhere. I had gotten a very direct answer in my heart that Derek was in fact the person I would marry... which makes the next few paragraphs of this story absolutely hilarious. 

I'm the type of person that when I like someone, I kind of go crazy and stalk them. After a couple weeks, I had gathered that Derek got home from work every night at about 5:17pm. One day I decided to set up an elaborate scavenger hunt around our apartment complex asking him out on a date before he got home. The hunt included four clues and a puzzle that was being held in the main office that he would have to put together, flip over, and on the other side was me asking him on a date. He texted me that night saying yes, and the following week we were off to see Robin Hood together at the Dollar Theater. (Side note: when we were packing up his apartment when we were getting married and ready to move in together, he still had the puzzle and all the clues which made me love him 1,000 times more.)

If anyone knows Derek, you know he DOES NOT TALK and if you know me, you know I CAN'T STOP TALKING. So here I am on a date with this guy who isn't saying anything, isn't giving off any vibes, and I'm just trying to make pathetic conversation. It was probably the most uncomfortable 2-3 hours of my life. After that I had decided that Derek was probably not all that interested (which he later told my friends he wasn't), and then I kind of laid low for a few months. Derek and I were still really great friends and hung out all the time, but I started going on dates with other people, and Derek started dating someone else in our ward for a little while. 

Things kind of fizzled out with Derek's relationship within a few weeks, and I would date someone, then they'd dump me, and then I'd go cry to Derek about my terrible dating life, and then I would date someone, and then they'd dump me, and then I'd cry to Derek about it, etc... After the last break up, Derek was hanging out with one of my other friends when it happened and I remember basically very dramatically crying to the two of them about how I was most definitely never dating anyone ever again.  

A couple weeks after that fiasco, Derek decided that he should probably start dating people more seriously and prayed to know who he should date. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall of his bedroom when he had gotten the answer that it was me, because I'm sure he was questioning the fine workings of the universe at this point. 

It should also be noted that I was so far in the friend zone with Derek that I had burped, farted, and done every other unquestionable, "things-you-don't-do-around-boys" thing you could think of. We really were best friends, so I'm sure he was probably just having a good laugh over his answer. 

Derek sat with this information for a few weeks and didn't really do anything. In February of 2011 I had found out that my dad who was back home in New York had decided to become a member of our church and so I flew home for the weekend to attend his baptism. One of Derek's roommates was supposed to take me to the airport but couldn't because he wound up having to study, so Derek strangely jumped at the opportunity to take me.

When I had gotten to New York I remembered that I had left my talk that I was going to be giving at my dad's baptism on my computer, in my apartment. I was on the phone with Derek telling him how to get into my apartment, and onto my computer, so that he could e-mail the talk to me. I was in the car with my friend's mom while I was giving Derek all of these instructions and when I hung up she said, "Paige, why are you not dating this boy? He seems so nice!", my reply was somewhere along the lines of, "That's a really good question."

I went to my dad's baptism and then stayed in New York for an extra day before heading back to Utah and the entire weekend Derek was texting me the whole time. I was even sending him embarrassing pictures of me from my dad's photo album, and I was thinking, "what is life right now?!"

Before heading out of town again I stopped at my friend Anthony's house to visit with his family. I had grown up with them and they're always on my list of people to see while I'm home. When I was there I had decided to check my email on their computer, which then turned into me checking Facebook, and as soon as I signed in, Derek Facebook chatted me. For anyone who knows my friend Anthony, they know he's not shy about doing incredibly embarrassing things to me, so he grabbed the keyboard away from me and sent Derek the message, "I want your body". I was mortified and grabbed the keyboard away from him, told him that it was Anthony and not me, and Derek replied with, "tell me how you really feel," I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I told him that I ate too much candy, and I had a stomach ache and that I should probably go home and lay down. He then told me, "oh wait, don't tell me, it will give us something to talk about on the ride home from the airport tomorrow." 

Oh my gosh... I never wanted to go back to Utah again. So Derek picks me up from the airport and we're cruising home on the interstate and he asks me where I want to go to dinner. (WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!) I'm thinking he means Burger King or something,  so I said I didn't care and whatever he wanted. He pulls off the exit and heads over to Applebee's and then I get annoyed because I'm all, "who does he think he is going to Applebee's?! He knows I don't have a job or the cash for that..." So we eat and then all of a sudden he's paying for the bill and I'm just waiting for the awkward conversation to happen but we get in the car and head back to our apartment complex.

My roommate had locked me out of my apartment for the millionth time and so I went over to Derek's place to do homework until she got home. While I was there my friend's mom texted me and said, "So how was your conversation with Derek?" I started cowering behind a pillow on his couch texting her back saying, "I don't know, he drove me home and hasn't said anything but then we just went to Applebees and I think it might have been a date? Now I'm at his place doing homework and I have no idea what's going on!" 

Derek had a sixth sense as to who I was texting and what it was about and all of a sudden he tackles me and is trying to rip my phone out of my mortified death grip that I had on my phone. In my mind I kept thinking, "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!!!" After a couple minutes Derek finally got the phone from me and I was so humiliated. I thought, "This is it. It's all over. He's going to think I'm a huge freak and that I read way too far into dinner and life is going to be so awkward!" He looks up from my phone and just casually said, "So  do you think we should start dating?" I responded way too quickly with, "YES!!!" and then I followed up with, "uh, wait I mean no.... Is this a joke?", he reassured me that it was not a joke and from there we were officially dating.

Ten minutes later we were on the couch cuddling while watching a movie. Six weeks later we were engaged, and three months after that we were married. I happen to think our love story is one of the best ones out there. 

So tell me... Do you and your husband have a funny love story? Tell me in the comments below. I basically thrive off of hilariously embarrassing stories. 


  1. What a cute story! My man friend and I just met at work, so nothing exciting. He does say I said "I love you" first via text but he's full of it and has never generated the text to prove it, so it's a joke between us :D

  2. I love your blog! have a nice weekend:)

  3. What an incredible story! I really enjoyed reading how you met your husband and you both make a very good looking couple. Dating is hard and there are a lot of things that we go through before we meet the right guy for us! You met the right guy and now have a wonderful family with him! He is a keeper!

  4. This was too funny! I loved reading it. My husband and I were best friends first and met in our singles ward at BYU, too. We finally got together when another girl he liked asked to date him and he wanted to talk to me first... So we talked and I was all weird about it even though I liked him. And then when I finally made the decision to date him a few days later (I had a missionary -- eye roll, ha) our conversation went something like:::: Me: Sooo remember how you wanted to date? Him: Yes. Me: Well, ok. Him: Ok. Me: So, we're dating? Him: Yes. Me: Ok, bye.

    SO awkward. SO great. Such good times. Also! What apartment complex did you live in??

  5. This made me a laugh a lot and I loved the subtle rebuke you received by walking into your apartment's complexes ward haha!!

    I love how nonchalant your husband was about everything. That husband of yours is a pretty nice guy :)

  6. You seriously have such an adorable (and hilarious) story. I love reading people's "how we met/fell in love" stories!!
    The Rad Wife

  7. Hi there, a really lovely read. xx

  8. This was so fun to read! Also I always forget that you are from Upstate NY too~~ you guys are just too cute <3

    Pink Wings