101 Goals in 1001 Days Update - 2015 Tue, Dec 29

With New Years around the corner, it's only natural that everyone in the blog world is talking about what their goals are for the next year. Luckily for me, I set some goals for the next three years a few months ago when I wrote my 101 Goals in 1001 Days post. I'm actually pretty impressed with myself in that I've completed six of the 101 goals so far, and I've made decent headway in four others. I'm 6.9% through the entire length of the challenge, and have completed 5.9% of the goals. I'm a little bit behind, but Derek has the next week off of work, so I'm determined to get some more things done!

Run a 10K: On 10/24/15  I was supposed to drive an hour away from my house to run a 10k that I had been training for. The night before Em had gotten sick and I didn't feel good about leaving for the day to run my race, so I stayed home, but I ran the 6.2 miles during Em's nap in our town and completed in 1:14:06 with a pace of 11:59. It definitely wasn't my best time, and I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to be, but I finished, and that's all that matters. 

Clean and Organize the Pantry: On 10/26/15 I cleaned and organized everything in our pantry. I threw out the nasty food, got rid of things we weren't going to use, and then neatly organized what was left. It's now a disaster again, but at least it was nice for a little bit. 

Make and Decorate Sugar Cookies from Scratch: On 12/2/15 I made these sugar cookies with Jay for one of our Flammily Advent activities and they were so good. My friend Lyndsey even came over and ate some, and she can vouch for their amazingness. 

Send 5 Random Gifts: During the Christmas season we always try to do one service minded thing as a family. This is a tradition that we started the second year we were married. The first year we bagged up food from our pantry to give to a homeless guy on the street. The second year I got $1,000 worth of toiletries for free from couponing and we sent them all to the Philippians after their massive earthquake in 2013. In 2014 we were moving to Georgia and I was trying to sell my sewing machine so we wouldn't have to waste moving truck space, and instead we decided to give it to a family so mom could sew presents for her kids that year instead of purchasing them. This year we decided to do the 12 days of Christmas for Em's physical Therapist and it was great. We technically blew this goal out of the water because we more than doubled it. But we sent the gifts anonymously... So hopefully she doesn't read our blog. This goal was completed 12/2/15.

Pay for the Person Behind Me at a Fast Food Place: I completed this goal on 12/11/15. I was on my way home from the doctor and stopped at Wendy's for lunch and saw that there was a lady sitting behind me in the drive through, and decided to knock this goal off my list. If you plan on doing this, know that for some reason, Wendy's computer doesn't like running the same card two times in a row, so they'll have to get a manager to authorize your transaction and it will cause a mini scene. 

Drive Around and See Christmas Lights: Last Monday (12/21/15) we drove around our neighborhood while eating dinner (you guessed it... Wendy's) to look at the Christmas lights and it was so fun to appreciate all the hard work our neighbors put into decorating their houses. We also bought out all the clearance lights at Target this weekend so that we could decorate our house next year. 

We've made a lot of headway into our other goals. We're three weeks into having Family Home Evening every Monday night for two months. We're one month into going to the temple once a month for a year straight. I'm also one month into doing my visiting teaching every month for a year. I've read one of five books that I had set my sights on reading. It was The Martian, and I loved it, but holy "f" bombs Batman... I've also tried two out of five new foods that I wanted to eat. The first was butternut squash, in a butternut squash soup, and I really liked it! The second one was dates, and they were in this healthy pumpkin concoction that my friend had me try... they weren't my favorite and  I fed the rest to Em. 

What goals are you working on for the New Year? I'd love to hear them!


  1. This is great!

  2. Just catching up on your posts. You're so motivating!!! It really makes me want to push myself to do more. Thanks G!!

  3. I love the list- My goal is to start working out again. I hurt my back over the summer and have been a coach potato sine (sad for a former college athlete) can't wait to get moving again!
    xo, tara

  4. Every time I come to your blog it's a little bit bittersweet. Part of me feels bad about myself because you are so awesome, and part of me feels inspired. Great post~

    Pink Wings

  5. You are making awesome progress on your goals!! I definitely need to try out those cookies and good to know about the having to get the manager thing.

  6. I agree with Amanda - you ARE very motivating! And you're doing to be very successful, I'm sure! My next goal - to start eating healthier food - no snacks and soft drinks... And to keep my dwelling tidy for more than two days! Oh, and I love your goal to pay for the person behind you at the fast food, I think I'll copy that :) Thanks, you're awesome!