Em at 16 Months

I keep waiting for the day when I write one of these monthly updates and I don't have anything fabulous to write about. However, with Em, I find myself filled with wonderful things to say about her progress each month. 

As I've talked about before, Em has always had a hard time with eating. She has never had any problems with latching while nursing, or taking milk from a bottle, or anything of that nature, but she's always had difficulty eating solid foods. We introduced baby cereal to her at four months, just like we did with Jay, and it took her until about maybe 8-9 months before she really started eating pureed food. 

At twelve months it was expected by the pediatrician that she should not be drinking infant formula/breast milk anymore and that her nutrition should come primarily from solid food, and cow's milk. When we introduced solids to Em she would get so confused about where to put it in her mouth, and how to chew and swallow. She would struggle for a few minutes before she would eventually just gag and then vomit the entire contents of her stomach. 

This went on for months and months and every doctor we took her to just kept saying to keep working on it and that she would get it eventually. Finally, at Em's 15 month check up last month I explained to the doctor that it wasn't getting any better and that Em was drinking 30oz of milk a day, maybe 10oz of food, and that in the last 5 months, she hasn't gained a single pound. Although, she's grown 4 inches... so there's that. 

Finally our doctor at our 15 month check decided that feeding therapy was necessary and she got us a referral to start that in the same office that we go to for physical therapy. It took them three weeks to call me and set up the appointment, and then after we got that scheduled, the office called back a few days later (Tuesday of this week to be exact), to tell us that our insurance deemed her feeding therapy medically unnecessary and that they weren't going to cover any of it. So right now we're dealing with writing an appeal and getting all that worked out, but it's likely that she won't start therapy until at least after the New Year. (But we will still be moving forward with it).

Miraculously though while we've been dealing with this insurance/doctor/medical battle, Em just randomly started eating like a normal human being over the last two weeks. on Tuesday December 8th, I fed Em scrambled eggs for breakfast and she like usual ate, gagged, and vomited all over the dining room. Since that day though, she has not thrown up once, she has gagged only one time, and she has eaten EVERYTHING. She can eat an entire banana while holding it on her own. She ate a slice of pizza. Bread, cheerios, a taco from Taco Bell, she's done it all. She pincer grasped her way through an entire bowl of black beans, and has even started spoon feeding herself, (not incredibly coordinated, but I'd rather mop up puree over vomit any day). 

I'm reminded of verse 28 from the 11th chapter of Matthew, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." This eating trial has been so hard. It's hard knowing that your child needs food to survive but every time you feed them, you feel like you're risking their life. We've shed many tears as we've gone through this entire eating journey, and I know it's only been with the Lord's help that Em has been able to overcome this difficulty. 


  1. awww. that really is wonderful. here's to her first Happy Meal! :)

  2. I was expecting just to hear about the insurance which is epically lame, but to hear the rest of this!? Miracles! I am so happy for your family!!