How We Wore It // Holiday Plaid

Today I'm sharing a fun holiday inspired casual outfit with you! I've teamed up with a bunch of different bloggers (listed below), to show you all how we recreated this look from, Because Shanna Said So. I was really excited when I saw the inspiration picture for this month's edition of "How We Wore It", because the look was full of really casual pieces, and things that I already had sitting in my closet. I've been wearing this sweater and scarf combo non-stop lately, and I've been wearing the dress and scarf combo to church more than I should admit to. It only made since to throw all the pieces together for this look. I wore this outfit on a flight home from Utah last weekend and it was everything I want in a travel outfit. Non-restricting on my legs so my ankles don't swell to that of a nine month pregnant lady, (I can say that because my ankles do swell by exponential amounts when I'm pregnant), and it's put together enough to take away from the fact that I'm not wearing any makeup and my hair is in a messy bun and hasn't been brushed in two days. Note: These pictures were clearly not taken on airport day. 

Dress: Forever 21 
Sweater: Forever 21
Scarf: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Booties: Payless

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  1. First off, your hair is GORGEOUS! Second off, you NAILED this look! And lucky for you it looks amazing on you. I love the colors of your scarf and I love the look of a longer cardigan on you!

  2. This makes me miss Shanna! She needs to start blogging again! I think I'm going to text her today to see what she's been up to. Anyways, onto your super cute outfit! I love the fringe on your booties!

  3. All the yes. You have the perfect interpretation of the outfit - spot on. And I love those little fringy boots.

  4. Nailed it! You are great! Love everything about this outfit. Thanks so much for joining up!

  5. You seriously are perfection. This outfit is flawless. I'm so glad you joined because this is a great outfit! And maybe I need to start shopping at Forever 21!

  6. love your hair and your booties are soooooo cute!

  7. Where to even start?! Scary, booties, perfect dreamy golden lighting... You nailed it!!

  8. You're beautiful. You totally nailed this look! Twins to the original photo! Love your scarf and the fringe on your booties! Super cute!

  9. Look at you! You had the dress, the booties, the cardigan, the scarf... you rocked this one! And your hair is gorgeous!!

  10. I've been living in scarves and oversized cardigans for the past few weeks, too! Love the outfit :)

    Also just came across your blog and can't wait to read more!

  11. this is my favorite look of them all! you nailed it and i am in love with your booties :)

  12. You did a great job looking like the picture! Visiting from How We Wore It

  13. I also blow up like a tick during pregnancy. My ankles and feet were so swollen that my doctor was sure that I had preeclampsia. Luckily that was not the case! Anyway, adorable outfit! It looks comfy and cozy.

  14. Your hair is gorgeous!! And I feel you about swollen ankles, it's all about comfy when your pregnant!

  15. Great look! I love cozy sweaters like that

    Pink Wings

  16. Okay, your outfit is SPOT ON. So, so cute!!!!

  17. This is so classy! I love love the scarf + boots! You're freaking adorable haha

  18. You totally nailed the look! I love that it's comfy but looks very put together.